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Message started by Mike(Guest) on 16.12.01 at 23:43:00

Title: Spares
Post by Mike(Guest) on 16.12.01 at 23:43:00

Anyone know a good source of TR1 spares in the UK

Title: Spares
Post by peter sadecki(Guest) on 26.12.01 at 14:03:00

Hi Mike
Try BRAND X MOTORCYCLES in West Midlands.   I've misplaced their phone no. for the moment, but you could try dir. enquiries. If you cant find it get back to me, I've definitely got their no. somewhere!
Good Luck

Title: Spares
Post by Colin(Guest) on 30.12.01 at 21:50:00

Hullo Mike
I had pretty good service from (a division of west coast motorcycles located in Merseyside).  They had a couple of Italian import TR1s.  Prices were not the cheapest but the bits arrived promptly and were described accurately.
Give them a try. Good Luck - Colin.