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Message started by SIMON DUVAL SMITH(Guest) on 30.11.04 at 12:37:00

Title: DOES XV110 EXHAUST FIT TR1?????
Post by SIMON DUVAL SMITH(Guest) on 30.11.04 at 12:37:00

Hello all
Does anyone know if the slash cut end 1990 XV100 exhaust system will fit or can be made to fit a TR1? Or does anyone have a TR1 exhaust or pieces? I ride my TR1 to work everyday and the right-hand silencer (muffler) is so rotten that blue flames are coming out of three big holes, it is very noisy and it will attract the police soon... also it might set fire to my trousers... I have tried many bike breakers in UK but no good. I bought a JAMA system from M&P in Wales, UK, but they did not actually have it in stock and JAMA told them (allegedly) that it is no longer available from JAMA... any ideas or should we get together and make some exhausts?

Title: DOES XV110 EXHAUST FIT TR1?????
Post by John(Guest) on 30.11.04 at 21:58:00

Don't know the answer to the first part, however.
1/ brazing rods + gas will cure astonishingly bad exhausts very quickly  and very cheaply.
2/ It's a pretty simply system for a stainless exhaust manufacturer to duplicate relatively cheaply, eg prolly less than list for an original part.
3/ definitely illegal in many countries including the Uk because of the noxious gases it gives rise to, but, copper is magically easy to fabricate with, just make sure you paint it well or plod will feel your collar..
If it was me I'd go the stainless route either to keep the bike or to make it ready to sell.
HTH etc

Title: DOES XV110 EXHAUST FIT TR1?????
Post by SIMON DUVAL SMITH(Guest) on 01.12.04 at 17:01:00

Hi Jon
Thanks for the post. AS to your points, the right hand silencer is too far gone for brazing welding or even soft soldering, if I just touch it, it springs a new hole...
Noxious gases? From my trousers catching fire I presume!? No, seriously, I presume you mean a system made from copper would give off gases as it oxidised etc. True but copper does work beautifully, mates of mine made several systems for circuit racing American V8 cars and they worked great. Will keep looking for an XV1000/XV1100 system if it will adapt, the one I was after got away from me on ebay...
Keep the faith,

Title: DOES XV110 EXHAUST FIT TR1?????
Post by Derek Hayes(Guest) on 01.12.04 at 18:38:00

I recently bought a jama system off ebay. Unfortunately a front downpipe is not included. I'm in the process of costing a stainless front downpipe (so far about £80). When I get the downpipe sorted and I fit the new system my old system will be up for grabs. Its not perfect so will be very cheap! As for the jama, the vendor had it advertised as a complete system. I queried this because I was sure that jama didn't supply the front downpipe. Coupla days later he withdrew. I contacted him and he let me have the jama for £100.

Title: DOES XV110 EXHAUST FIT TR1?????
Post by SIMON DUVAL SMITH(Guest) on 01.12.04 at 15:18:00

Dear Derek
Yes, please! I use the TR1 for my everyday work commute so as long as it does not have big holes in it, I will have the exhaust system! I saw the system you bought, I bid quite a lot on it I think but I also had a feeling that the JAMA system did not come with a front pipe. I still would have bought it but you got in there first! No problem, that is how ebay is sometimes!
I have a chrome front pipe in reasonable condition from an accessory system that you could use instead of having one made, it is 1 3/4 inch all the way along I think. Let me know if you would like to try it?
Also where in Uk are you? I travel around the Uk a bit and could possibly collect?
Thank you
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