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Message started by Stephen(Guest) on 13.12.04 at 19:12:00

Title: XV920 back on the road
Post by Stephen(Guest) on 13.12.04 at 19:12:00

Well, it’s finally legal and roadworthy again.  After more than 16 months of inactivity, an expired inspection sticker and general weathering, all results of being parked following my foot injury last summer, my trusty XV920 is back on the road.
New Bridgestone Spitfires installed, rusted-through MAC header patched and painted, shiny new inspection sticker proudly displayed and starting readily even in cold wet weather, the machine proved trustworthy enough in several short runs that I’ve begun riding to work.  Just in time for winter.
And now there’s a new problem, crunchy shifting.  It began this morning within the first block and occurred intermittently through the twelve mile ride.  There were missed shifts (usually 3-4), grinding, and crunching during shifts or on deceleration.  Made it to work and back without failure, but I think it’s time to park it for a better look.  I hope it’s just the clutch, but there could be lots of broken parts in there. If anyone recognizes these symptoms, please fill me in.

Title: XV920 back on the road
Post by Lars Sandstrom(Guest) on 15.12.04 at 08:56:00

Great that your 920 is on the road again! I'm still riding to work and will be doing so until the snow starts falling!
Crunchy shifting is normally depending on to low oil level and/or badly adjusted or faulty cluth. In your case it sound like your cluth is shot! First check the oil level. If that doesn't help, adjust the clutch. And if that doesn's help either I think you're in troble...
Can be a faulty bearing in the bearbox or that the clutch center/hub is loose.

Title: XV920 back on the road
Post by Keith Jenkins(Guest) on 15.05.05 at 13:50:00

Hey guys,  nobody has mentioned the engine oil !  If the engine oil is the wrong type, or is older than 6 months,  you are going to have gear change problems, particularly if your bike has high mileage. If the oil is O.K., well yeah, get into the more serious expensive bits.  Hope this has helped, Cheers,  Keith.         Hi Lars :-D