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Message started by Texx on 05.08.21 at 22:39:31

Title: Great News - Finally I've got my TR1
Post by Texx on 05.08.21 at 22:39:31

Found on ebay, 1981 with under 9000 miles on the clock. Took the train 150 miles to Stafford and rode her home. As she had not been used much in years I have changed the fluids & filters, front wheel bearings, and lastly the carb diaphrams. Now she is running as she should and reminding me of the great times I had riding the 1981 XV920 I bought in Vancouver BC Canada in February 1982 and owned for 30 years.

As shes running so well I would like any recommendations for tyres.

Thanks to all involved for keeping this excellent site alive and well.
I hope I can meet some of you in person soon at a rally, or if you are in south west England for a rideout.

Cheers Texx  [smiley=love_tr1.png]

Title: Re: Great News - Finally I've got my TR1
Post by hornschorsch on 05.08.21 at 23:29:10

Congratulations! Kevin is located in Pitton, not far away from stonehenge, that should be reachable from "south west england".

To repeat my old joke, there are three good tyres for the TR1, (Brigestone) BT46, BT46 and BT46. (former BT45). Actually i have a pair of Conti Classic Attack on my TR1, because the BT46 where not available. I must admit that they work good on the TR1 too. I too have them on one of my XJ650 Turbos, and i dont like them on that bike.  To wobbly.