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Message started by gs58 on 06.07.22 at 10:51:56

Title: Newbie to the forum
Post by gs58 on 06.07.22 at 10:51:56

Thanks for the welcome Manfred.  I am in New Zealand and have joined this forum to gather information, and there is so much here of value. I enjoy seeing other peoples projects, learning what obstacles they encountered, and how these obstacles were overcome. I have been working on my TR1 project for way too long, but I am getting towards the end at last.  

So far my bike has;
Yamaha FZ1 forks, wheels, brakes, handlebars, and handlebar controls (left side only)
K-tech rear shock
Motogadget M Unit Blue and M Lock
Koso instrumentation
Relocated K&N air filter
Relocated battery
Custom foot controls
Custom exhaust (the fourth one)
Dellorto 40mm carbs
And probably other things that I have forgotten.

The bike is currently being ridden on the road (and one track day) to identify any issues.  I want to get the bike finished before painting so at the moment I am getting a new engine built which will have a XV1100 crankshaft, Megacycle 258-x2 cams, and custom 102mm JE pistons.  I am looking for information on improvements to the oiling system, strengthening the clutch, and valves and valve springs.  There is so much information in these pages that I will never be able to read it all, so if you have any advice please let me know.


Title: Re: Newbie to the forum
Post by Gredner on 06.07.22 at 12:09:52

Hello Paul,
Welcome to the TR1 enthusiasts' forum, where you will certainly be helped with any questions you may have.
Regarding the oil supply, the oil pump of the XV1100 has a higher delivery rate and is also often installed in the TR1-Moror. It can also be changed with the engine installed. You will find a lot of articles on this here.

Title: Re: Newbie to the forum
Post by gs58 on 07.07.22 at 10:02:52

Thanks for your reply already, and your recommendation.  I have heard that the XV1100 was a good replacement.  I will research the forum.


Title: Re: Newbie to the forum
Post by nanno on 07.07.22 at 22:52:38

Hey there and welcome to the forum. Regarding the clutch, search for the 9-disk clutch. (best done via google and you should end up on my blog - not trying to lure you away, but that's where the English version lives, here in the forum you'll only find the German translation.)


Title: Re: Newbie to the forum
Post by gs58 on 08.07.22 at 00:24:08

Thanks Greg.  Will do.