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Message started by Arco van Marion(Guest) on 26.07.01 at 20:55:00

Title: Rev-meter does not work
Post by Arco van Marion(Guest) on 26.07.01 at 20:55:00

Dear TR1-drivers,
Few weeks ago I bought a 1982 TR1.
After some repair work (gasket rear cylinder, starter clutch, battery charger...) it now really starts to give a lot of driving fun and not only dirty hands.
One problem remains:
The rev-meter/drehzahlmesser is completely silent. Tried to find where the connection wires are going to from the meter, but that's not so easy. Perhaps someone can help me on this one?
My repair manual has no electrical scheme. So where are the other ends of the three wires (black, orange, brown) going to?
And what is normally the reason for a dead rev-meter?
In the meter itself, or somewhere in the ignition or little black below under the fuel tank?
Any help is highly appreciated by
Arco van Marion
The Netherlands

Title: Rev-meter does not work
Post by Harry Spruit(Guest) on 01.09.01 at 23:29:00

I have the electric wiring diagrams for the TR1. According to the wiring diagram, there are three wirdes coming out of the tachometer control unit. The black one is earth or "massa" in Dutch. The light braun one is coming from the Fuse "signal" and is for +12 V to the tachometer. The orange wire comes from the TCI unit. This is the same wire that comes out of the TCI unit and goes to the ignition coil.
Since we are both Dutch, I give you the same story in the Dutch language.
Daar je waarschijnlijk beter Nederlands leest dan Engels, hetzelfde verhaal nog eens in het Nederlands.
Ik heb de elektrische bedradingsschema's voor de TR1. Volgens het bedradingsschema komen er drie draden uit de tachometer control unit. De zwarte is aarde of massa. De lichtbruine draad komt van de zekering "signal" en is voor de +12 V van de tachometer control unit. De oranje draad komt van de TCI-unit (dit is het magische kastje, dat voor de ontsteking zorgt). Dit is dezelfde draad die ook naar de onstekingsspoel gaat.
De zekering kun je makkelijk controleren. Dezelfde zekering wordt ook gebruikt voor de remlichtschakelaars, voor de claxons en voor de vrijstandindicator. Als deze dingen ook niet werken is je zekering geflipt. De rest is zoek- en meetwerk.
Harry Spruit

Title: Rev-meter does not work
Post by Arco van Marion(Guest) on 10.09.01 at 21:57:00

Thanks for your reply.
After summer holiday I will find time to check the wiring as indicated by you.
Will keep you informed of any progress.

Title: Rev-meter does not work
Post by maarten vrolijk(Guest) on 01.12.01 at 19:50:00

Probably the coil inside your rev.meter has something to do with a wire problem. solution get a second hand nippon-seiki rev. meter from any jap. bike (I got one from a kawa gpz550 I changed the rev-meter drivencoil (what's in a name) problem solved. rep.price aprox. 50 euro. Good-luck. (wiring colors are all the same)