Article and interview published on "Custom Machine"  N. 24  January-February 2002

Grey Indians are on the path of war:  a  Yamaha TR1 1981 has fallen in an ambush

Wild card…….!!!!!!


The grey Indian Collection  has become known company in the  Italian custom panorama; catalogue of his of the they offer accessories  of about almost all Japanese  cruiser ,or for Harley-Davidson and naked. forward commands ,  handle grips and risers all signed with the profile of a  stylised  Indian. All these accessories are already  equipping a lots of  show bikes in Italy.

In a small  village in the province in Modena which  specialized in  handicraft production of accessories, which are assembled on the more diffused commercial models. A Yamaha TR1, you may comment does not enter this category  But  Andrew Panzani  announced  to accept the challenge launched by Gigi, the owner of the old thoroughbred Yamaha?

Andrew  gave us a possible explanation": I wanted to be different from the crowd, I Wanted a motorbike that would have made people speak  of me, and riding  thought the traffic people had  to twist there heads and look at the Yamaha 1981. I thought in changing an old street bike into a perfect ultimate custom bike. this  operation would be able to attract more attention rather than  a preparation on a normal cruiser, at the same time showing  the adaptability of our accessories to be mounted on a bike that is not  in production any more." Mainly counting on the surprise effect, Andrew plays his best card. This operation is highly risky but will demonstrate the  manual ability that Andrew has gained through the years of hard work with custom cruisers.  

Without fears .. Augh, has spoken! Indian instinct For first thing: Andrew and Gigi put the motorbike in the  centre of his work shop . They started  to walk turn around it, studying  every part of it and imagining the new line  Then... all  gets off .how you can imagine, the difficulties that also an experienced mechanic can meet in a project like this. We started with the frame .The TR1 was an excellent  motorbike for the epoch, only a few sold  unfortunately, to make it lower we have modified the whole back part." The bulky tubular support of the saddle is now  history. The new single  saddle has been placed  straight  behind the fuel tank and finally a few spans from the ground. Not the everything has been thrown away: the rear swing arm  is the original one, inside it takes place a rim Kawasaki, fitted with spokes on the original hud.

The front-axle assembly is  new: triple trees, one of the specialties of the house, mounted on a couple of Softail 41 millimetres forks ;the front wheel is a  H-d  arrived from a heritage .The brake system is  insured by brembo  which was took  from a ducati Monster. That it acts on a CCE brake disc.

The handlebar that the light housing, the support of the speedo the small mirror, the handle grips the risers  are all  jewels of the'  craftsmanship "grey  Indian" which are all  ready  to be fit on  your dream cruiser. before sending  the engine parts and forward controls to the FGR  Bologna, for a perfect chrome. Andrew contacts the friends of Italian Stile, for the fender and fuel tank  All is accurately fitted and the sent to body shop Garruti & sons, which did all the paint work on the bike  “a beautiful silver” and also designed on the fuel tank  Andrew’s logo  the stylized head of a Indian.

All these operations are effected within six months ,a relatively small amount of time  counting that Andrew  and Gigi work on this bike only at the week ends.  But if you think that they have finished here  and  removed all the there strange ideas from there minds , you are wrong ..!!! .

Which model will it be their next victim?

But  naturally  Another TR1…….!!!!




  Passion Billet ..reality Italian handicraft  for custom...

How was it born, the of Grey Indian collection?

For passion, obviously! It all  begun in 1996 in  my fathers workshop , which is open from  30 years, I started constructing  pieces for my first  motorbike a Yamaha  Virago the  evenings   and during week of ends I passed my time making new pieces . Then a few pieces for  my  friends .so  in 1997 I I decided  invest my  money to realize my first catalogue

Which are the targets that you have gained

Initially I started  working very well with the  Centre and South of  Italy: Rome and  mainly in Sicily. In the Last In the years I have got great  contacts in the  Lombardia and Veneto.i desire to expand in all  Italy which I have all ready have  received so many interesting proposals. From this year have laced some serious contacts  with Germany: a wholesaler is distributing up there my pieces! The result of good..! and I also hope to do the same with  France and Spain England  

So less handcraft and more machinery  therefore?  

No, absolutely... my intentions  to continue  to build very particular and  special parts  in a  limited number. I want to be able to offer the maximum in quality in the products that  I produce, the quality of the hand made .

Where do your ideas  come  from..??

Most of the ideas are mine but recently I have put in my  catalogue accessories been born by the suggestions of the clients or from who collaborates with  me in Firm. I am always open to new ideas and ready to listen to any one with them.


Gray Indian's Collection is a registered mark by Panzani Andrea Mechanics Workshops for a beautiful line of accessories for custom motorbikes of all the brands and models, that is characterized by the care of the handicraft manufacture.
The interactive Catalog of this site lists only the articles that concern the accessories for motorbike, realized to can bestow to a ordinary model of series the personal one aesthetical taste that you want to give to your motorbike.
All the articles are in full "Billet" aluminum and yuo could choose them in three different finishes:

1) Polished
2) Chromed
3) Black Anodized

The delivery of the merchandise is scheduled within 15 days.


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