Today’s vict^H^H^Hpatient is on the right.

This documents what we did to remedy a jerking first gear on a 1984 Virago 1000. It’s probably not what you should do – or want to do. You get to watch a motorcycle engine that isn’t yours disassemble itself, though. Pass the popcorn, please.


We’re not professional mechanics. This is the very first Yamaha engine case we’ve split. Some of our statements, opinions and actions and omissions may be detrimental to your engine, your health, people behind you, and your sanity. It’s also not really a good idea to expose eating areas to known carcinogens.

If you decide to do something like this, you’ll need some so-called common sense, a shop manual, a torque wrench, typical metric tools and hex wrenches – and a torx#30 bit for the solenoid fork screw. This documentation is very optional.

Some experience working on engines wouldn’t hurt, either. Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

Corrections and suggestions are welcome.

Loosening a front motor mount.

There are eight bolts securing the engine to the frame. Some of these feel like they haven’t been removed in a decade or two.

Oil drain.

The engine has been removed with the aid of a floor jack. There is no
frame below the engine on this model.

It’s somewhat heavier than it looks, but balances well.

Top view.

The coils live on the front cylinder motor mount.

The toes are optional.

Rear view.

This area doesn’t get cleaned very often.

Right side.

Yamaha really had a problem with chrome during these years.

The oil filter is to the left of the starter motor.

981 cubic centimeters. The starter motor and starter solenoid are at the front of the engine, to the right.

Front view.

The starter solenoid cover is partially removed.

Another left side view.

The coils and carbs will be removed next.

The carb assembly twists off the two head intake ports with firm pressure.

Both air-filter-side piston slides have a distinctive green colour. The carb on the left feeds the front cylinder.