Arrow TR1 Starter Cure ...

Eppo Karsijns sent me this:

Hi there!

Some more news from the top of Holland.
The starter gives a lot of trouble as it I read reactions on your site.
Here is my solution. It's only fifteen minutes work annd kosts only a few


Remove the starter wire from connector (6).
Remove bolt no. (4b)

Then remove both bolts no. (5) and no.(4a).

Loosen the tail (1) and the body (2) but keep them together.

The planetary housing (3) is connected to the engine from the inside.
It will not fall on the floor!

Place shim (7) (Genuine Yamaha no.: 1J7-17537-YO-30) in front of the body.
Attach it with some grease.

Replace all parts in opposite order.

The shims are not originally made for this engine but for a
four-cylinder supersport from the eighties. (Which one,
I don't know.  This may be a nice prize question.)

Fifteen minutes and, BINGO!!   No more starting problems!