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30.01.23 at 08:28:24
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New TR1 fan.. (Read 631 times)
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New TR1 fan..
22.01.21 at 23:46:32
Hi all,

Looking forward joining this forum, I'm a dutch TR1 rider with much to learn.

Got to know this site after looking for solution for starter problems and solved it with the info from you guys  Grin

I'm riding a '84 TR1 which I bought as show in the pic, had enough to do fixing the electronics and planning on adding the front fender once again with upgrade to the suspension as well.

Looking forward to learn from you all!  Thumb Up (and maybe a ride as I'm pretty much on the boarder of Germany  Grin)

 IMG_1dddd.jpg     Picture below may be scaled. Click link or picture for original size Click here for all attachments  


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Re: New TR1 fan..
Reply #1 - 23.01.21 at 14:49:49
Hi there!

I quite like your choice of colour... and the rest ain't too shabby either.  Wink
If you have questions, just ask, the forum may seem a bit quiet at times, but if you ask a question, you can be sure that sooner or later someone will try to give you a qualified answer.



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Re: New TR1 fan..
Reply #2 - 31.12.21 at 17:08:58
Is your tool box housing for your battery?

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Re: New TR1 fan..
Reply #3 - 01.01.22 at 11:48:59
Hi and welcome,

where in the Netherlands are you from? I am riding quite often from Koblenz in Germany to Amersfoort.



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(Uli Peil im XJ-Forum)
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