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10.12.23 at 00:50:35
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Rear Suspension (Read 386 times)
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Rear Suspension
17.03.22 at 11:13:26
Hi Everyone, My TR1 rear shock is leaking, and looking for information on fitting another shock. Something common, like GSXR

Hopefully, there is an article on forum, that has information.

Thanks Trevor


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Re: Rear Suspension
Reply #1 - 17.03.22 at 15:25:20
Hi Trevor,

quite a few different shocks have been used on TR1s over the years. There's various BMW units, Triumph shocks and I personally am a huge fan of the early XT600 rearshock (43F, 2KF, 34L, 55W), which lifts the rear end by about 25-30mm. Only needs a new bushing on the swingarm side, but if you have a broken stock shock, you can swap those two bushings and be done with it.

Hope this helps


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