Arrow Steering Head and rear Swing Arm Bearings

Bearings with zero free play are produced by:

Fa. Emil Schwarz
Präzisionsteile für Motorräder
Daimler Str. 8
73660 Urbach

Tel: 0 71 81-99 52 90
Fax: 07181-99 52 91

For steering head bearings we recommend either roller bearings from spare parts suppliers
(appr. 60.- to 70.- DM) or bearings from Schwarz which must be glued in place (appr. 150.- DM),
in order to cope with the always slightly oval shape of the bearing seats.

Increasingly virtuous Intermezzos from the suspension however are most probably a
result from the rear bearing even though the rear bolt has exactly the right dimensions
for the needle bearings applied. Schwarz Inc. installs a set of split oversize bearings

(at approx. 300.- DM incl. greasing nipple), significantly reducing these symptoms.
As this kit is however not mountable by the hobby mechanic
it must sent to Schwarz Inc. for mounting.
Too much trouble for me.. in case some of you are interested
I will have a couple of long bolts manufactured
with less free play, but still mountable during wintertime
Costs: approx. 150.- DM so contact me in time.

..and on to the..