Arrow Carburetor Adjustment


Check for correct Valve Clearance prior to any other adjustments. 
The carburetors must be adjusted to open and close absolutely simultaneously. 

Adjust as follows:   

  • Start the engine in order to reach proper operating temperature. 
  • Stop engine. 
  • Remove seat.
  • Remove fuel lines and vacuum lines from the fuel valves. 
  • Remove rear clamp fixing the fuel tank and take off the fuel tank.
  • Loosen the carburetor breather lines with the small air filters (fig. 20 „1").
  • Loosen the clamps on the carburetor ventilation pipes with the small air filters.
  • Remove the vacuum lines from the intake manifolds and install the vacuum lines from your vacuum gauge to the intake manifolds. 

  • Note: The front cylinder intake manifold has two vacuum lines coming out of it. Disconnect the smaller diameter line and leave the larger on in place !

  • Refit the fuel tank and the fuel and vacuum lines. Slightly rause the end of the tank so you will have access to the fuel tank (adj. screw will be difficult to see better to fit longer fuel lines to the tank, switch to PRI to be able to leave the fuel tank farther away).
  • Restart the engine, which had prior reached proper operating temperature. 
  • Compare the readings on both  vacuum gauges and adjust syncronisation screw until the readings match.

    Refit tank and clamps in reverse order. 

Carburetor Adjustment:

Fuel level:

Place your bike on level ground.   

  • Fit a transparent fuel line with 6 mm inner diameter to the carb drain port.
  • In bending it upwrads, position the transparent fuel line right next to the throttle stop screw (for idle speed adj.) as shown in fig. 198.
  • Set fuel valve to the on"- position and start the engine briefly.
  • Stop the engine and check fuel level as shown in fig 198:
  • rear: 1.0mm 1mm
  • front: 2.0 1mm
  • Adjust float bowl within the carburetor accordingly.
pic20-22_198.jpg (83143 bytes)

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