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List of known modifications or upgrades (Read 9089 times)
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Re: List of known modifications or upgrades
Reply #10 - 27.07.18 at 01:29:10
Hi Greg & TR 1 fans

I own  2  x  1981 xv 1000 solos and currently building a Pre 85 Sidecarcross  with a Tr 1 motor to race in Germany - Klienhau 2020.
I have found a 2010 XVS  1100 complete donor bike 9000kms for the suggested engine mods.  Is this the correct model for the Crank, Barrels,Rods, Heads .  Also do the gears clutch & starter assembly  fit the 81 Tr 1?

I see a company in USA https://www.pacificcoaststar.com/pcs/v_star_1100_engine.htm. Im interested in their x3 Cam and dual valve spring conversion & the Keihin Flat slides. Have you heard any reports about their gear?

Yes Im after 90 + HP Thumb Up



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Re: List of known modifications or upgrades
Reply #11 - 27.07.18 at 23:06:25
Greetings Darren,

with regards to the XVS1100 parts: Yes and no. The liners are a bigger O.D. and as such the cases need to be bored out to suit or the liners turned down to fit the cases. Gearbox and clutch can be fitted to TR1 cases, but they are a different spline pattern on the clutch hub and as such you're then limited to stick with the BT/XVS parts. The starter on the XVS is inferior to what was installed on the TR1. The best starter bendix is to be found on late Virago 1100s  (the version without a spring).

The oldskool-no-hassle swap are Virago 1100 parts as they are a straight swap. Additionally those also sport a heavier crank, which might be beneficial on a sidecar.



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Re: List of known modifications or upgrades
Reply #12 - 28.07.18 at 08:03:56
Hi Darren, i think with the X3 you get a problem between valves and piston in a original 1000 engine.


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