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10.12.23 at 02:04:08
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Tr1 headlight problem (Read 420 times)
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Bike: Tr1. ’83
Tr1 headlight problem
24.04.22 at 13:22:07
83 Yamaha TR1.  Engine off. Do the headlights need it to run? Changed a new ignition switch assembly… I don't remember if headlights work before I start the engine… Everything else works except the brake lights at the moment and those headlights.

Ignition switch: 4 wires.  The brown, red and blue wires are already clear on how they should be connected but the  blue/red is a bit of a mystery, it has its own 10 amp fuse.  The others are 15.

So: 4 cords in the ignition lock.  Ted, blue, black and blue/red. There is no electricity in blue-red when you turn the key (the red lead comes from the battery and the brown one goes forward with electricity when the key is turned on), but there is also one blue-red loose cord inside the lamp housing that is live🤔

Black cord will as assumed of course  ground anyways, but I don't think you can connect both red and blue/red live electricity cords to the ignition switch…
Any ideas?


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Re: Tr1 headlight problem
Reply #1 - 30.04.22 at 06:28:06
Good Day,
The Ignitin Lock  is coming with four wires, these are going to:

RED: Power from Battery via Main Fuse (Pos. over the Battery) ; In "ON" = Power to the Wire Harness
BROWN: technical Ground (Wire Harness internal)  not to missunderstanding with B for Black this is direct minus ( Frame, Battery minus)
BLUE: (for Light-System) leads forward to the Plug of Fuse-Box (10A Fuse)
RED / BLUE: (for Light-System) leads forward to the Plug of Fuse-Box, here the Color of the Wire will change into Blue and
                   it is coming out as Blue Wire from the Fuse Box and lead Power to the the right Handle-Bar-Switch, where the different Illumination
                   Option can be taken.

Remark: From Right Handelbar-Switch it is connected direct to the left Handle-Bar-Switch for Chose "LO" or "HI" Beam, and "PASS"

Trouble hooting Headlights:
a) Bulb OK?
b) No Cracks in the different Wires?
c) Is ther some corrosion inside the Plugs connectiing elements?
d) Check the Ignition switch it self ==> See the Picture do have Contact with a Pieper if you are set the Ignition Switch in on of the
    corresponding positions?
e) anywhere , check for good connectivity, if neccessary , clean it
f) check for cracks in wires. therfore switch your system on , with Batterie Power, and bend a little bit the wires around your headlight
    if there are some effects, repair it.
g) There are some selfmade modifications around the power coming from the Ignition Switch Wire? Perhaps new installed accessories?
    ( additional Lights: Fog-Lights, Day-Lights (LED) .and so on..)

So far with distance diagnostics

With kind regards

 Ignition_Switch.jpg     Picture below may be scaled. Click link or picture for original size Click here for all attachments  


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