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TR1 Gallery (II)


Here you find 18 great modified TR1's or XV1000/XV920. To enlarge a picture, just click on it! While viewing a picture, you can use the arrow keys to move forward or backward and the ESC key to cancel. Click here for more details on navigating within the gallery.


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Roland Magerl's bike

Matthias Wiessler's bike. A TR1 'trailie' conversion by Ferdinand März and a hand-made exhaust by Brausch from Wales. Frame is from a Ducati 900 SD

No comment! Check the TR1 Stories for more info

A nice one from Karo Ovaska (Hungary). More pictures: [2]

Some pictures of TR1 reworks from the German Yamaha XV book. More pictures: [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Thanks to Maarten Vrolijk for sending this TR1-Dragster picture

Pictures from Roly Brutti. His bike is complete selfmade, 3m long and has a rigid frame

Many thanks to Neil Houghton for this 3 pictures. More pictures: [3]

Not a real nice one, but a rare one from Sylvain Lamoureux from Québec

A great selfmade tube from Toni Graham from Australia. More info

A real nice one from Robert Lincoln For details about his modifications please check his "Info" button within the Riders list. More pictures: [2] [3] [4]

Bertrand Lanfroid-Nazac sent me a picture of his "TR1 Mad Twin"

Olaf Ziehm's XV1100 (used to be a XV750). More pictures: [2] sent me this pic of a XV1000 with a hardtail chop

Ronald sent me pictures of his cafe racer. More info. More pictures: [3]

Roy Wilson sent me this pics from his TR1 based low-rider

It's not a TR1, but a super-nice XV. For more information on Olaf Schulze's bike check his "Info" button within the Riders list

A nice one from Andreas Rusche