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Here you find 21 great modified TR1's or XV1000/XV920. To enlarge a picture, just click on it! While viewing a picture, you can use the arrow keys to move forward or backward and the ESC key to cancel. Click here for more details on navigating within the gallery.


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A real rat-TR1 side car from F. Roeffen from Holland. More pictures: [3]

Kari Tuominen's (Finland) 1985 classic Wasp motocross side car

Markus "Busschubser" Dietrichsbruckner's very nice TR1

Douwe's TR1-chopper. First a bit rusty, then quite nice

Claus-Peter Menzel sent me this pictures from (again :-) TR1's from RSA. More pictures: [3]

Dave Watt from New Zealand sent me a picture of his former TR1-chopper

From Fabrizio Di Bella (Italy)

From Chris Norton (UK), a cafe racer with a TR1 engine. More pictures: [3] [4]

From Adolf Krige from Pretoria, South Afrika. More pictures: [3] [4] [5]

From Cassie Liddle, also South Africa

Jochen Trappmann's bike

Alfred Poferl 's 'Indi'

Kenneth Josefsson's bike. More pictures: [2]

This is Piet Kottas ' bike and his former sidecar. More pictures: [2]

Andreas Simensen 's 'Black'

How about this nice TR1 racer?

Heinze Rosner 's Hyäne, his Ego and his sidecar. More pictures: [3] [4] [5]

Bernhard's 1981 TR1 with 750 tail, spoke-wheels from a XS 650 (front: 1,85x19" rear: 2,75x16"), Fischer footrests and AME sidepipes (AUS644)

This pictures are from Andreas Schilling . More pictures: [2] [3]