Where I have lived and worked so far | 🛑 | 


My life so far...


I was born December 1962 in a small town in eastern Bavaria, called Mühldorf (map). Mühldorf is approximately 80 km east of Munich/Germany. With the age of 2, I moved to Töging/Inn, which is nearby (map). There I grew up. I went to the Realschule (map), which is a junior high school, and Fachoberschule (map), a technical secondary school, in Altötting (famous Bavarian place of pilgrimage).

With the age of 18 , I started studying telecommunication engineering in Regensburg (map) at the Fachhochschule Regensburg (map).

In August 1985, I moved to a small village called Griesstädt (map). There I started my first job as a test engineer at Fairchild Semiconductor (map). During that time (September 1985 - March 1988), I had the chance to spend almost 6 month in the USA (South Portland/Maine) for a technical training. Fairchild (map) owned a town house in Scarborough, where I lived (map). That was a GREAT time!

Then I started working at Digital Equipment Corporation in Munich (map). I enjoyed working there for more than 10 years (April 1988 - June 1998). I started as a programmer and became a project manager the last years there. From March 1988 to May 1993, I lived in a small apartment house (map) in the west of Munich. In June 1993, I moved together with my family to Kirchseeon, a town 25 km southeast of Munich (map). July 1995 we moved to Ampfing, a small but very nice village 70 km east of Munich. I lived there in a semidetached house (map) until end of 2008.

January 1998, Compaq (merged with Hewlett Packard in 2001) announced to take over Digital Equipment for ~9.600.000.000 US$. Too sad! The end of a real great company! In May 1998, I quit at Digital and in July 1998 I started working for Cybernet (map), a German internet and ecommerce service provider. Life went on, and from November 1999 on, I worked for the Linux Information Systems AG (map), a Linux consulting company.

As you all probably know (at least the computer freaks), did Linux not have the success as we all hoped when we started at that time. We had to downsize the Linux AG, and that meant I was too expensive for them :-\

Starting March 2002, I began working for a small company near my hometown. The name was b.e.s.t. AG (map). This saved me 2.5 - 3 hours with the train to Munich each day! It's was a new chance and a new opportunity! But that would have been too nice to be true. The expectations on both sides were far too different. So I was looking again for a new job! Search was soon over. Starting June 2002, I worked for intersoft AG (map), which was doing a huge software project for a German insurance company called WWK (map). The intersoft office was nearby (map). I was doing senior project management there. It was a nearly perfect job.

End of 2008, my wife Selena and I decided to separate and I moved into a small apartment (map), still in Ampfing to be able to see the kids as often as possible. After a short while being alone, I got together with my new love. That meant moving again. In July 2008, Barbara and I moved into a great large apartment, also in Ampfing (map). I like this picture , showing us just before we had a beer at the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Well, intersoft was and is not really successful with new business and therefore I started in May 2012 a new and very challanging job as a freelancer at Munich Re or Münchner Rück (map). It is one of the world's leading reinsurers. Again I was doing IT project management there. End of 2014, after the end of the contract at Munich Re, I decided to stay at home for some month. This did perfectly fit into the last phase of the house (map), Barbara an myself built since May 2014. After this superb break, I started at Dräxlmaier Group (map) in August 2015. A new challange again as an IT project manager. The great advantage of this job is, that I do not have to travel to Munich each day anymore. Just 30 km by car :-)

And, I have two great sons , Daniel , born 1993, and Tobias , born 1992 (yes I know, quite old pictures...)