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I like your site very much. I found it almost by chance and was interested because in 1981 I traded in my Honda CX500 for a brand new TR1! This was because I wanted something more suitable for continental touring. I fitted it out with a nose fairing/screen, Krauser panniers and a massive top-box. Fully laden it still handled impeccably. We travelled extensively in the UK, France and Northern Spain. The bike never let me down and was always fun to ride. I only got rid of it when my first son was born. I sold the TR1 and bought a much cheaper, second hand BMW R80GS. I have fond memories of the TR1. Promotional pictures of it still adorn the wall of my dining room 23 years later! I will try to dig out some photographs for you if you are interested. Keep up the good work and best wishes to all of you who like TR1s...I thought I was the only one left!!!
Tony Barnes <>
City: Rainford, Near Liverpool, Country: England, Phone: 07949 387799
Bike-Infos: BMW R100R, 1992 model, owned for last 8 yrs
Date added: 30 December 2005 at 21:57:23

Just want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
City: Ödeshög, Country: Sweden,
Bike-Infos: TR1-83
Date added: 20 December 2005 at 06:26:55

Bike-Infos: 1981 TR1 RED ORIGINAL
Date added: 16 December 2005 at 20:58:55

This site is very very good. I have been driving more than 220000 km on a TR1,but i sold it more than 7years ago.And i have found a nother one,so in 2 weeks I will be driving again (i hope) The TR1 is a nice bike I love this bike SALUT from france CHR DANHOJ alias THE BARON
Haschen <>
Country: london,
Date added: 16 December 2005 at 00:35:46

Nice site Manfred, I have learned a lot about my bike here. Keep up the good work !
Lars-Göran Lundin
City: Stockholm, Country: Sweden,
Bike-Infos: 1981, early 5A8 , original...
Date added: 14 December 2005 at 20:30:56

Manfred, deine Homepage ist nicht schlecht
Tobias Drechsel
City: Ampfing, Country: DEUTSCHLAND, Phone: 08636-66117
Bike-Infos: Muss leider noch treten
Date added: 04 December 2005 at 14:35:59

low seated low riding cruiser 27in vincent drag bars , raised tank 6in risers single leather seat slash cut turnout pipes... just to let everyone else hear how good a tr1 can sound.
John Cowan <>
City: Cowdenbeath fife, Country: Scotland, Phone: 07760295983
Bike-Infos: its not my bike. ... its my baby
Date added: 17 November 2005 at 00:46:52

Ab heute neuer TR1 Besitzer. Viel Arbeit, aber im nächsten April soll'se laufen. Schaun wer mal ! Prima Seite, weiter so !!
Detlev Peters <>
City: Kall / NRW, Country: Germany,
Bike-Infos: TR1 1982
Date added: 06 November 2005 at 19:20:26

Hallo ich besitze seit 1989 eine TR1 und bin begeistert. Benutzte sie als Hochzeitsfahrzeug (was sonst). Bin zufällig auf deine Seite gekommen super!!!!! wir (ich und Ehefrau) waren auch 2 mal in Schotten '89 u '90 bin begeistert dass es immer noch ein TR1 Treffen gibt und versuche nächstes jahr zu kommen
Armin Düll <>
City: Scheer BaWü, Country: Germany, Phone: 075726683
Bike-Infos: TR1 Bj 84
Date added: 06 November 2005 at 13:18:12

I am looking to buy a tr1 to go classic racing
simon langridge <>
City: Hamilton, Country: New Zealand, Phone: 021 404 802
Date added: 18 October 2005 at 07:04:50

A very nice site keep it up. Regards. Eze.
Eze Nwaoma <>
Country: USA,
Date added: 07 October 2005 at 12:17:51

bloody awesome site keep the rubber to the ground and the wind in your face
Dave Rowan <>
City: West Auckland, Country: New Zealand, Phone: 0274534105
Bike-Infos: 1983 XV981M Midnight Special
Date added: 12 September 2005 at 00:35:42

this bike has 900 ss faring solo race seat .. cams balanced tuned pipes and much else is good for well over 210 k and has 900 ss front guard .. totmselli clipons is lighten and has to many things to mention
brett pilkington <>
City: Auckland, Country: New Zealand, Phone: 09 626 5285
Bike-Infos: full on cafe racer .. hot engine
Date added: 06 September 2005 at 03:56:36

I wanted virago 20 years ago but couldn't get one. So, here I am 44 years old with 3 kids and run across this bike. I bought it,I feel like a kid with a new toy.
Gary Cooper <>
City: Ararat, Country: United States,
Bike-Infos: 83 XV920MK 16,000mi
Date added: 29 August 2005 at 15:01:40

Hallo Manfred eine super tolle Seite. Gruß Eddie
Eddie <>
City: 3born, Country: Germany,
Bike-Infos: kawasaki vn 800
Date added: 25 August 2005 at 19:00:58

Coole HP und sehr viel zusammengetragen über "unsere" Bikes! MfG Ingo S. alias "earligor" im www
ingo S. <>

Bike-Infos: XV 750 Se
Date added: 23 August 2005 at 12:28:37

Ich war leider nur am Samstag mit meinem Sohn (CB250N) das erste Mal zu dem Treffen. Es war Klasse! Kompliment auch an den/ die Organisatoren! Nächstes Jahr bleiben wir bestimmt über Nacht. Norbert & Florian
Norbert Kasten <>
City: Dietzenbach, Country: Germany,
Bike-Infos: TR1 - 2te Generation
Date added: 14 August 2005 at 18:58:03

danke an alle für das super treffen in walschbronn alles bestens..tolle stimmung,gegend leute,bikes.... auf der heimfahrt war die trine dann zusätzl. wassergekühlt! so long wolfgang
wolfgang <>

Date added: 14 August 2005 at 14:52:09

Servus an Alle, freue mich das es diese Seite gibt!! LG Peter
Peter <>

Date added: 11 August 2005 at 14:04:13

Hi. Purchased this great V-Twin a couple of weeks ago and aim to restore it to its original glory. Lovely bike and has a very reasonable seat height for us ladies. Misfires on deceleration under 3000rpm so if anyone has any ideas on what that could, be, i'd be more than interested! Lovely sounding machine. Really looking forward to many years of fun.
Liz Benamor <>
Country: England,
Bike-Infos: 1985 TR1
Date added: 07 August 2005 at 15:43:05

Fahre seit 1984 TR1. Habe ca. 81000 km. Alles OK.
Martin Lais <>
City: 79694 Utzenfeld, Country: Deutschland, Phone: 07673/643
Bike-Infos: TR1 5A8
Date added: 30 July 2005 at 12:09:28

ca accelere comme une harley 1340 et ca tourne beaucoup mieux dans les virages de l'arriere pays nicois je comprends les allemands qui aiment cette becane fiable et pas chere a l'entretien ciao les tr1 et j'attends de voir le résumé de la rencontre en france
alain Jonas <>
City: nice, Country: france,
Bike-Infos: yam tr1 1982
Date added: 28 July 2005 at 11:45:39

Hallo Tr.1 Fahrer ich bin stolzer Besitzer einer Tr.1 . Meine TR.1 ist im Orginalzustand .Farbe: rot . Ich fahre am 12-14 August zum treff nach Walschbronn ich freue mich auf euch alle.
Thomas Lorenz <Susannelori4>
City: 14612 Falkensee, Country: Germany, Phone: 03322235704
Bike-Infos: 2xTR1 Model '84 164.000 km Model '81 Ersatzteilträger
Date added: 20 July 2005 at 11:29:24

Hallo!! Schöne Seite hast Du (habt Ihr) da ins Netz gestellt.Super Infos. lg aus Österreich Fritz
Fritz <>
City: Tulln, Country: Österreich,
Bike-Infos: BMW R1100RT
Date added: 15 July 2005 at 12:41:09

Super bin auch begeisteter TR1 fan es giebt einfach kein besseres motorrad auf der welt danke manfred super seite gebe mir bekannt wo das nächste schöne treffen von tr1 fans ist grus sven

Date added: 15 June 2005 at 11:59:38

Really helpful website. Have learned a lot and my other half and I are hoping to get the bike on the road soon!
Joy Shields <>
City: Reading, Berkshire, Country: Uk,
Bike-Infos: TR1
Date added: 12 June 2005 at 23:16:51

Habe durch das Forum meine Trine am Leben erhalten können , ohne mich lebenslang zu verschulden . Es sei diesem Forum hiermit meine höchste Anerkennung ausgesprochen ,Weiter so Manfred
Lutz Berger <>
Phone: 05846728
Bike-Infos: TR1 Bj 81 seit 82 in meinem Besitz ,best Mopped of the World
Date added: 09 June 2005 at 18:45:44

An original TR1 just parked outside my window and i got interested. Searched the internet and found your page. I dident know TR1 existed! Now I know. Have fun in France!
Magnus <>

Bike-Infos: Non right now :-(
Date added: 08 June 2005 at 08:32:35

my bike loves me too
john cowan <>
City: cowdenbeath, Country: Scotland, Phone: 01383 611473
Bike-Infos: tr1, lowered back end, forward controls , six inch risers vincent straight bars,with bar end indicators raised suzuki tank harley back mudguard plus carrier solo seat ----- real smooth machine.
Date added: 07 June 2005 at 22:43:49

Hallo Manfred bin durch zufall auf deiner Seite gelandet und finde sie sehr gut und informativ weiter so. Ich fahre meine Midnight schon 22 Jahre und 110 000 km und sie hat mich noch nie im Stich gelassen. Gruß Helmut
Helmut <>
City: Bruchsal, Country: Deutschland,
Bike-Infos: XV1000SE Midnight Special Typ 23 W Bj.1983
Date added: 21 May 2005 at 00:14:21

Hallo Manfred ich fahre erst! seit 1989 eine TR1 und bin auf der Suche nach Ersatzteilen auf dieser tolle Homepage von dir gelandet.Du hast wirklich an alles gedacht was Interessant sein kann.Ich hoffe ich kann beim nächsten Treffen dabei sein.Gruß Dieter
Dieter Kretschmann <>
City: 77723 Gengenbach, Country: deutschland, Phone: 07803/5286
Bike-Infos: TR1 120.000 km fast Original
Date added: 15 May 2005 at 19:55:14

kurt isakson
City: LaMoure , North Dakota, Country: united states,
Bike-Infos: 1996 yamaha xv750
Date added: 14 May 2005 at 15:58:22

G'day ,I have owned and riden my XV since it was new,120,000 km later and I still think it is a great bike.Your website is a real eye opener and a wealth of information.
Derek Woodcroft <>
City: Greta. New South Wales, Country: Australia, Phone: 0249387781
Bike-Infos: XV1000RJ
Date added: 10 May 2005 at 02:26:50

I an glad i found your Site! Habe nach 17 Jahren Abstinenz soeben wieder eine TR1 gekauft und bin ziemlich begeistert. Die Technischen Daten und Infos werden mir beim nachbessern helfen. (20Jährchen gehen halt doch nicht ganz Spuros an der Maschine vorbei) Danke für die grossartige Site!
David Bucher <>
City: Münchenbuchsee, Country: Switzerland,
Bike-Infos: 1985, 45678,9 km, baught @ebay, 20.4.05
Date added: 02 May 2005 at 17:07:27

Hello, Hey dor, guten tag, fello tr1 enthusiasts. If only I'd known of this site a few years back when I and my bike were in Europe. She and I did London traffic for two years and visited Amsterdam, Hamburg,Copenhagen, Prague, Stockholm, Berlin,Amsterdam, Paris, down the rhine, Amsterdam etc. She finally did a big end on the freeway to oxford but I bought her back to Australia in a box and she is back. I will look forward to getting tech info as I have a set of near new cases and would like to put together a "hot" motor. CHEERS FROM OZ
Matt <>
City: Wauchope, Country: Australia, Phone: 0265854909
Bike-Infos: Been around the world
Date added: 24 April 2005 at 00:21:42

Hi. Bought me a TR1 from Germany. In 3 days I have to go to the danish custom to pay "afgift". Exciting how much it will be. But anyway. See you on the streets
Steffen <>
City: Gislev / Funen, Country: Denmark,
Bike-Infos: TR1, 1984, 52.000 and just beatyfull
Date added: 15 April 2005 at 18:26:18

Very nice site! We will also open in sweden very soon and we hope You will visit us then!
Country: Sweden,
Bike-Infos: XV 1000 TR1 -83 - Rebuild!
Date added: 12 April 2005 at 20:31:40

Gruß an alle! Die Fotos der Treffen sind doch immerwieder schön anzusehen,...freu mich schon aufs nächste Treffen ;) mfg Marcel
City: Mühldorf,
Date added: 05 April 2005 at 08:19:01

I had during 12 years the first TRi entered in France this bike was showed in Paris motor-bike show, then in Bordeaux and finaly in toulouse where i succes to buy it! This bike was destoyed by a friend of me in an accident in 1993 after more than 300.000 KMS of big fun and pleasure. This bike was equiped in the biggining of 1982 whit two cylinder of XT 580 from RAYER's custom parts!!!!
Jean-francois ROUX <>
City: Toulon, Country: FRANCE,
Bike-Infos: TR1 1981 (1160cc!)
Date added: 01 April 2005 at 16:50:04

Having owned eveything from Hondas to Harleys I purchased a TR1 from it's third owner to be my everyday transport,after six months I find it the most easy to live with machine I've ever had. Just recently I brought another TR1 complete but partly disassembled so I'll have plenty of parts to recondition and keep me going for years. Your site has been an excellent source of information and advice to help keep these unique bikes on the road.
Mick Johnson <>
City: Tumut N.S.W, Country: Australia,
Date added: 30 March 2005 at 17:06:05

Thank for this site I have been having problems with my stater motor. This has got me started anybody in the UK that could give me a had please email me./ Thanks again Andrew
Andrew <>
City: London, Country: UK,
Bike-Infos: XV750se
Date added: 29 March 2005 at 10:53:19

I found this site after deciding to try and find another XV1000 after a 20 year separation. I use to own a 1981 silver XV1000 and had fitted supertrapp mufflers to upset the neighbours and also to enjoy the music especially while riding through valleys where you could really smile. This web site was a bit of a surprise as XVs never were very popular in NZ and I thought I was the only sick puppy to be into them. Haray for this site and all you fellow XV/TR1 lovers. Cheers from NZ and pray for another XV to be found by me.
Phil Playford <>
City: Tauranga, Country: New Zealand,
Bike-Infos: out of bikes at present
Date added: 20 March 2005 at 10:22:52

My TR1 "wide ass" project continue. Check it out..
Juha/No Name Mc
Country: Finland,
Date added: 07 March 2005 at 21:28:57

I wolud be interested in hearing from other owners about this bike, especially any maintenance tips, etc. I rode my first XV920R in 1982 and remembered how well it fit me, so I decided to try and find one several years ago and when I gotone it still really fit me and I alternate it with my Virage 1100 depending on how comfortable I want to be on the Alaskan highways.
Bob Benda <>
City: Valdez, Alaska , Country: USA, Phone: 907-834-1668
Bike-Infos: I have three 1981 XV920Rs two of which are complete and run and one I have to finish assembling from parts from two bikes.
Date added: 06 March 2005 at 21:00:01

per caso ;-) ho trovato questa site meravigliosa. complimenti! ciao, giulietta
giulietta <>

Date added: 06 March 2005 at 10:28:45

Glückwunsch zu dieser Seite! Schön, daß sie noch so viele Fans hat, die gute "alte" TR1, die ihrer Zeit so weit voraus war.....
Prof. Dr. Dr. "Hugo" Montag
City: Palma de Mallorca, Country: Spain,
Bike-Infos: TR1
Date added: 03 March 2005 at 11:36:49

Hallo, ne Coole Seite. Weiter so. Grüße von Mike und Beate.
Mike & Beate <>
City: Ingolstadt, Country: Germany,
Bike-Infos: VMax und BMW R 80 GS
Date added: 26 February 2005 at 14:45:17

Thanks for a nice site, bought my tr1 last summer and restored it to original. It,s a fantastic bike. I like it..
Pelle Andersson <>
City: Kumla , Country: Sweden, Phone: 0046706622631
Bike-Infos: yamaha xv TR1 !000-83
Date added: 21 February 2005 at 19:52:01

Nice site. I will visit it again. Also interested in your meeting next august. See you.
Rob Knol
City: Doorn, Country: The Netherlands, Phone: 0031(0)622564001
Bike-Infos: TR 1, 1985
Date added: 12 February 2005 at 16:53:08

Engine has Megacycle Cams, Venolia custom 10.5:1 pistons, race valve springs with titanium retainers, HSR41 Mikuni carbs with K&N filters, ported cyl head with 5 angle valve job, Barnett clutch Mac two into one header with a Supertrap race silencer. Dyno's at 93 HP and goes like stink.
Bob Bennett <>
City: Des Moines, Iowa, Country: USA, Phone: 515-279-9049
Bike-Infos: 1981 XV920RH, 1060 big bore, 41mm flat slide mikuni carbs, dynos 93 HP
Date added: 07 February 2005 at 20:04:12

Just bought an old XV100 and I have found your site invaluable in helping me to hopefully, sucessfully restore it back to its original condition. Thanks
Graham Durrant <>
City: Perth, Country: Australia,
Bike-Infos: 1981 XV1000
Date added: 31 January 2005 at 15:34:57

Hallo Manfred! Echt klasse Seite. Wo gibt es das naechste TR1 Treffen? Bin auf der Suche nach einem hinteren Federbein, das Ding ist schon ein wenig ausgeleiert. Wo gibt es noch Ersatzteile fuer die TR1? Herzliche Gruesse an alle TR1 Fahrer. Andreas Duschl
Andreas Duschl <>
City: Passau, Country: Deutschland,
Bike-Infos: TR1 Baujahr 1981, 156.000 Km, orig. Motor
Date added: 20 January 2005 at 11:49:47

very informitive, keep up the good work cheers
Laurence Wallace <>
City: altona victoria, Country: Australia,
Bike-Infos: stock tr1 920 at the moment getting ideqas off your site for mods
Date added: 05 January 2005 at 01:22:29

Ich wünsche allen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2005 !!! Grüsse Harald
Harald <>
City: Bobenheim - Roxheim, Country: Deutschland, Phone: 06239 - 7340
Bike-Infos: Baujahr 1981 ....und 'n besserer Sound als 'ne Harley...;-)
Date added: 31 December 2004 at 12:29:52

Grüße an alle TR1-Infizierten und ein gesundes neues Jahr! mfg Marcel
City: Dresden,
Date added: 26 December 2004 at 23:41:09

Just want to wish you a happy new year!!!!! :)
Anders <>
City: Ödeshög, Country: Sweden,
Bike-Infos: TR1-83
Date added: 25 December 2004 at 04:05:37

Glad I found you. My bike is not running at the moment ( head gasket leak ) but She is my favorite of 4 different bikes in my garage . Thanks for this site . Rick .
Rick <>
City: California , Country: USA, Phone: 925-372-5431
Bike-Infos: 1981 XV 920 RH
Date added: 22 December 2004 at 05:18:14

Habt da eine Interssante Website. Wir haben auch eine Neue Site ins Netz gestellt: RACERS-STORY Das ist auf keinen fall SPAM denn sie wird nach und nach fertig gestellt, könnte Euch aber vielleicht echt interessieren. Wir würden uns über einen besuch von Euch freuen. Gruß „M“
m <>

Date added: 17 December 2004 at 19:06:43

Nice to visit your site. Bougth my bike 2 years ag and have had a lovely summer this year on it with no trouble at all. Unfortually I have not seen another here in the southern parts of sweden, but if there are any I would like to here from You.
Tommy Karlsson <>
City: LANDSKRONA, Country: SWEDEN, Phone: 046707347099
Bike-Infos: 1981 TR 1 22000km original
Date added: 05 December 2004 at 22:59:43

Great Site Greetings Jürgen
Jürgen <>

Date added: 29 November 2004 at 09:57:24

nice site loads of usefull info.. well laid out any xv750 oweners would like to contact i need tech advise mostly brought complete but in need of some t.l.c
steve calvert < >
City: preston , Country: uk,
Bike-Infos: xv750se 198o's
Date added: 28 November 2004 at 09:37:37

Hello Manfred Nice site very well put together got my byke from a good mate down the road who showed me your site! got some good info
Ady Collins <>
City: Sheffield, Country: England,
Bike-Infos: Tr1 1986
Date added: 26 October 2004 at 20:39:05

Hallo TR1 freunde ich habe meine TR1 jetz schon etwa 10 Jahre ohne das sie mich auch nur einmal im im stich gelassen hat. Sie fährt und fährt und..... und ich pflege sie wirklich nicht sehr. Somit sieht die alte Dame etwas mitgenomen aus. Ich würde Ihr gerne ein besseres Aussehen verpassen und brauche dazu Tipps,ein Reperaturhandbuch wäre gut, Adressen wo ich Ersatzteile kriegen kann und alles was mir irgendwie weiterhelfen kann. Ich Freue mich über jeden Tipp Mailt einfach.
uwe behrens <>
City: 27419,
Bike-Infos: Bj. 1981
Date added: 24 October 2004 at 23:56:32

TR1 in Mexiko hassen und lieben gelernt oder wie lange kann man eine TR1 anschieben?
bin in den späten 80ern mit einer amerikanischen TR1 die highway1 von frisco bis acapulco gefahren. werd euch bei gelegenheit bilder schicken, falls ihr für sowas eine rubrik habt. die TR1 hab ich damals in elpaso in topzustand für 1000 dollar (war dort nicht die gefragteste maschine) gekauft und bin sie in mexicocuidad fürn selben preis wieder los geworden (defekt und runtergeritten, wg. der luxussteuer aber ein schnäpchen für den käufer). die maschine ist durchs death valey ohne schaden und in ixtapa völlig vom fluß überspült worden, und lief und lief und lief. allerdings der anlasser war früh nach der mexikanischen grenze im arsch, mechanisch und elektrisch. ich glaube du und deine freunde wissen, was es heißt täglich mehrmals eine TR1 anzuschieben. hab wärend der 3 monate die maschine lieben und hassen gelernt; trotzdem für einen solchen trip sicherlich eine geeignete maschine; ich kam durch; wollten eigentlich bis jucatan, aber zeit und maschine waren wie gesagt verbraucht. herzliche grüsse und lob für page vom ferdo aus schwarzwald

ferdo gaiser <>
City: schwarzwald, Country: germany, Phone: -
Date added: 09 October 2004 at 12:26:45

Hi,ich habe von 1981-1988 eine Tr 1 gefahren und leider verkauft.Toll wäre es, die Maschine wieder zu finden und zurück zu kaufen ......
Ludger Droste <>
City: 58710 Menden, Country: Deutschland, Phone: 0171/2173085
Date added: 02 October 2004 at 17:35:08

Brit living in Canada. Bike imported to UK from Japan with only 5,000 km on it. Bought it in 1999 in Derby. Was living in Runcorn then - didn't want to leave it behind so it came to Canada with me! Not many windy roads here to enjoy it on though!! Anyone heard of Friday 13th at Port Dover, Ontario?? AWESOME!!
Robin Watters <>
City: Dundas, Ontario, Country: Canada,
Bike-Infos: 1981 Silver TR1, 981cc, 17,500 km from new
Date added: 02 October 2004 at 05:36:47

I bought my V-twin in 2001 and have put about 5000 miles on it. I had to sort out the brakes, gas tank and carbs. I had the front exhaust pipe re-chromed and had Sargeant rebuild the original seat. Other that that it is as it came from the show room, with some normal wear and tear. I have a couple of other bikes, but I like to ride this one most of the time, as it's a lot of fun. Does anyone know of a similar owners club for XV920 non-Viragos? -LarryR
Larry <Roberts>
City: Londonderry, NH, Country: USA,
Bike-Infos: 1982 XV920 RJ
Date added: 20 September 2004 at 19:15:14

Moin Leute! Ich lese immer was vom TR1 Treffen.Gibt es eigentlich auch ein XV 750 Se Treffen irgendwo in Deutschland??? Gruß Dille
Dille <>
City: Glückstadt/ bei Hamburg, Country: Germany,
Bike-Infos: XV 750 SE
Date added: 19 August 2004 at 23:33:51

Schön, dass ich die Seite gefunden habe. In der Garage steht jetzt schon seit 10 Jahren meine TR 1, die ich demnächst mal wieder in Ordnung bringen will, nachdem ich sie vorher schon 10 Jahre gefahren bin. Vielleicht meldet sich mal jemand aus der Nähe (Osthessen), der Erfahrung bei der Restaurierung mitbringt. Und vielleicht wird es auch mal was mit dem TR 1-Treffen im nächsten Jahr. Bis dahin...
Uli Gropp <>
City: Fulda, Country: Deutschland, Phone: 0661-69092
Date added: 16 August 2004 at 15:11:47

HI i've just bought a TR1 ! and build al ready a few bikes in mine life and now i gonna start a new project with this one because the frame gives already that look for a chopper and on this site are some real nice bikes ! so that's what i like and hope i succeed greetings Ace HB (DERK)
Ace the beast <>
City: putten, Country: the netherlands, Phone: 0031650896676
Bike-Infos: TR1 xv 1000
Date added: 13 August 2004 at 15:11:05

Great website Manfred, even though I am not A TR1 or XV owner! I have spotted a TRI for sale recently, but the cat then got herself run over, so the vets bills represent either a TR1, or a new crankshaft for the Goldie! Best Wishes, Frank B
Frank Birchenough <>
City: Manchester, Country: UK, Phone: 44 (0) 161 788 7738
Bike-Infos: 1959 BSA DBD34 Goldstar, 1980 Yamaha XS850 Special
Date added: 10 August 2004 at 13:55:36

sono il felice proprietario di una splendida tr1 originale del 1981. purtroppo sono costretto a venderla, per mancanza di spazio. bisogna cambiare la guarnizione delle teste (sfiatano)e iniziare a pensare a nuovi scarichi (quelli originali hanno i mesi contati). se a qualcuno interessa fatemi sapere! saluti a Manfred ed a tutti i bikers!!
alberto <>
City: verbania, Country: italia, Phone: +393403141935
Bike-Infos: tr1 1981
Date added: 28 July 2004 at 16:50:25

Brilliant bike does everything needed runs on a shoestring
Rob Ripley <>
City: Scarborough, Country: England, Phone: 01723379483
Bike-Infos: 1983 Standard Tr1 used as every day transport
Date added: 21 July 2004 at 17:05:44

Hallo . Tolle Homepage. Habe vor 4 Wochen eine total zerlegte XV 920 erstanden. 54000 Meilen. Einziger Defekt am Motor, Kette von der Ölpumpe defekt. Sie schnurrt schon wieder wie ein Kätzchen. Suche allerdings noch einen rechten Seitendeckel. wer sowas noch besitzt kann sich ja mal melden. Aber das mich nochmal nach 15 Jahren der Mopedvirus befallen, würde hätte ich niemals mehr gedacht. Ist eben ein geiles Motorrad. gruss an alle Biker
Heinz Rudolf Wisser <>
City: Morsbach, Country: Germany,
Bike-Infos: Yamaha XV 920
Date added: 15 July 2004 at 17:35:22

Useful site, probably be a lot more useful if my german was any good, but puhleeeeese, lose all the surplus graphics, background sounds, javascript popups, etc etc etc.
\Dave\Null (no, really, ok, no, not really...) <>
City: Exeter, Country: UK,
Bike-Infos: Slightly modified 1981 TR1
Date added: 09 July 2004 at 01:29:46

I was looking for the electrical wiring for my bike. I found it here!!. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
Henk Waaijer <>
City: Hengelo, Country: Netherlands,
Bike-Infos: XV1000 SE (Midnight Special)
Date added: 08 July 2004 at 09:42:13

I have 1982 Virago XV920 bike, still in excellent shape but had a compression problem so I'm in the process of rebuilding to top half of the engine. Yamaha has most of the parts but does not sell the piston rings anymore. It’s been such a excellent bike and because it’s been garage keep with low mileage I want to keep it going. Thanks Rick
Rick <>
City: Denver, Country: US,
Bike-Infos: 1982 Virago XV920J
Date added: 29 June 2004 at 02:55:42

Habt da eine Interssante Website. Wir haben auch eine Neue Site ins Netz gestellt: Sie wird nach und nach fertig gestellt, könnte Euch aber vielleicht interessieren. Wir würden uns über einen besuch von Euch freuen. Gruß „M“

Date added: 23 June 2004 at 16:29:17

Had visited this site before but now I have a TR1 I realise what a top noch resource it is. Thanks Manfred! PS is the aol addy above does not work, try knocking out the space between bris and spam
Bri <>
City: Wigan, , Country: England, Phone: Undisclosed
Bike-Infos: Guzz V50, Yam TDR250 and now a TR1
Date added: 15 June 2004 at 22:41:51

Moin Mion, komme immer wieder gerne auf diese tolle Seite zurück. Suche im Raum Oldenburg-Varel-Brake/Utw gleichgesinnte XV-Treiber zweck Erfahrungsaustausch, basteln und klönen.
Klaus Haschen <>
Country: Ovelgönne, Phone: +49 4737 1297
Bike-Infos: XV750SE, Model* 81. XV920, Model "81
Date added: 12 June 2004 at 22:16:47

In 5 Stunden bin ich stolzer Besitzer von - 2 - TR1. Suche TR1 Bastler/Werkstätten/Ersatzteilsammler im Umkreis 47877 Willich.
Drk Reinholz <>
City: Willich/Schiefbahn, Country: Germany, Phone: +49(0)1712100981
Bike-Infos: TR1
Date added: 03 June 2004 at 09:01:17

TR1, build 1981, blue, 75000 km
Leo Nieuwenhuis <>
City: Doesburg, Country: Netherlands, Phone: 0613-765557
Bike-Infos: TR 1 1981
Date added: 24 May 2004 at 20:15:43

Muy Interesante Vuestra página, me sirvio para sacarme un monton de dudas con respecto a mi motocicleta. SIGAN ADELANTE...........UN ABRAZO A LA DISTANCIA desde ARGENTINA.........
José Luis García <>
Country: Río Tercero, Pcí Córdoba, República Argentina,
Bike-Infos: Yamaha Virago XV 750 año 1989
Date added: 22 May 2004 at 13:59:15

Great site! I have owned my TR1 for 14 years it gets used all year round but not all the time, I love it too much. It's good to know this all round bike is so well respected
Keith Burt <>
City: Bristol, Country: England,
Bike-Infos: 1985 TR1 XV1000 Silver Original except exhaust 46.000km
Date added: 15 May 2004 at 09:19:45

love your site, very helpful. thanks
Jon Pearson <>
City: Auckland, Country: New Zealand,
Bike-Infos: std xv1000 with clipons, fork brace, and a paint job no one will steal.
Date added: 13 May 2004 at 12:18:52

Deine HP ist schon ne wucht,da werde ich bestimmt öfter vorbei schauen.Weiter so.
Bernd Sessinghaus <>
Phone: 0177-7076133
Bike-Infos: TR1
Date added: 13 May 2004 at 01:56:13

The TR-1 has classic lines and was much under-rated here in Australia. I'm very interested in making a TR-1 my project bike.
Chris Ingram <>
City: Berridale NSW, Country: Australia,
Bike-Infos: Still looking for a TR-1 to restore
Date added: 11 May 2004 at 13:20:55

Love riding my Virago!!!
Mark <>
City: Loveland, Colorado, Country: USA,
Bike-Infos: '93 XV1100 Black all original
Date added: 23 April 2004 at 01:48:45

nachdem ich das moppedfahren wg.hausumbau,zweitjob und familienumgestaltung so ziehmlichabgeschrieben hatte werde ich wohl dieses jahr wieder mal fahren,vieleicht reichts ja sogar zum tr.1 treffen,ich hab die dicke dame nicht nur zur garagendeco eingehandelt.hoffe nur dass mir die klamotten noch passen.(familie setzt an!)i hope to meet you,bye.
otto binder <>
City: rottweil/vdf, Country: germany/bw, Phone: 0741/347691
Bike-Infos: tr.1,bj.83,66000km,tourenhalb-,koffers,vorverl.and more
Date added: 11 April 2004 at 13:51:36

Hallo, die Seite gefällt mir. Vieleicht schaffe ich es dieses Jahr mal zum Treffen zu kommen. Problem ist nur der Vergaser will nicht so wie ich will, sprich ich brauch Ersatz! Kann mir da jemand günstig was anbieten? Ach ja, da war noch was unglaublich aber wahr, meine TR1 hat erst 6800km drauf. Nach einem kleinen Unfall war sie über 15 Jahre in der Garage gastanden. Jetzt läuft sie wieder, aber wie gesagt der Vergaser macht nicht gut mit. Bis bald!
Jörg Emig <>
City: 64625 Bensheim, Country: Germany, Phone: 0175/1520176
Bike-Infos: TR1 Bj81
Date added: 03 April 2004 at 10:51:22

i bought a new 82 xv920rj in 84 and absolutely loved it!! unfortunately, it was stolen for a joyride and left in the river, where it was found some time later. i have been riding euopean bikes since, but fancy another rj, if i can find one. any info leading to a likely candidate would be greatly appreciated.
joe mcginnis <>
City: charlotte, nc, Country: usa, Phone: 704-351-0342
Date added: 18 March 2004 at 18:23:02

Mit Wehmut seh ich mir diese Seite an.... Seit einem Unfall meines Bruders mit unserer TR1 im Jahre 1986, habe ich mich nicht mehr dazu entschlossen ein Motorrad zu kaufen. Anfänglich hatte ich mir noch hin und wieder mal eine ausgeliehen, aber mit der Familie wurde es hierbei in den letzten Jahren ruhiger. Ich finde es toll das ich diese Seite entdeckt habe, so kann ich doch wieder mal von den "alten Zeiten" schwärmen und träumen. Und mir "mein" Moped nochmal angucken.
Fred Höfling <>
City: Freudenberg am Main, Country: Deutschland,
Bike-Infos: TR1 Bj 81 (zerstört bei einem Unfall 1986)
Date added: 17 March 2004 at 13:05:52

had the bike for approximatlet 12 years saw one back in 1981 always fancied it and finally got one in 1991 -92. also got 1990 xv750 se imported from austailia which my wife uses, it is also origional apart from the drag pipes. i would like to hear from anybody who owns a tr1 who lives in my area, south of england or any one for that matter who likes a tr1.
peter jobber <>
City: portsmouth, hampshire, Country: england, Phone: 023 92 461690
Bike-Infos: 1981 tr1 silver, origional except stainless steel silencers
Date added: 13 March 2004 at 22:47:19

Hallo, die Seite ist schon Kult. Ich war damals 2 x bei den Treffen in Schotten, aber das geht wohl nicht mehr. Schade war günstig für alle hinzukommen. Ich suche eine Auspuffanlage für meine Gute. Vielleicht weiß ja jemand, wo eine rumliegt oder wo man günstig was bekommt.
Detlef Smaluhn <>
City: Hannover-Land, Country: Germany, Phone: 0175-9141212
Bike-Infos: TR1. Bj 81 abgemeldet
Date added: 28 February 2004 at 09:55:26

geile site nur ist das modell tr1/xv se zu selten um wirklich mit jemanden über schrauberein zu quatschen. die meisten fahren mehr oder weniger original - aber die fahren ja wenigstens. ich komme noch nicht dazu (ewige baustelle) einige umbauten 14° reckung ame federbein mitschwingendes Heck federsitz supertrapp 3" mit aussenliegenden scheiben eigenbau anlasser (demnächst kicker) 40cm ape handschaltung fusskupplung honda vt600 tank mit dnepr benzinhan eigenbau rahmenunterzüge mit ls650 seitenständer vorverlegte kein bremslicht (demnächst kutscherlampe als gehäuse für frontscheinwerfer) aber ich habe keine zeit zum schrauben da mich meine 1 jährige tochter ziemlich auf trapp hält.
mike berthold <>
Country: gemany,
Bike-Infos: xv 750 se bj. 82
Date added: 24 February 2004 at 12:23:53

great machine but a bit heavy for commuting. If anyone has one of the after market fairings that would fit a tr1 give me a call. Hope to have it up and running again after 3 years!
philip melhuish <>
City: hayling issland, Country: great britain, Phone: 02392 637064
Bike-Infos: early tr1 toured france and uk owned since 1984
Date added: 24 February 2004 at 00:37:12

The USA spec. TR1 was called an XV920RH (1981) and XV920RJ (1982) the only two years they were availible here...As listed above I have (4)--(3) running and rideable and (1) 90% complete but disassembled... I also have (3) TT500 off-road Yamahas; (1) 1976, (1) 1977, (1)1978 and (1) XT500 but this one is incomplete... In addition to those I have (3) XS650 Yamahas; (1)1977, (1)1979, & (1)1980 all complete and running... Plus (2) Roadstar Silverados; (1)2000, & (1)2002...
John D. Reinhard <>
City: Corona, California, Country: USA,
Bike-Infos: (2) 1981 XV 920 RH & (2) XV 920 RJ all USA spec.
Date added: 23 February 2004 at 21:42:37

This site is very very good. I have been driving more than 220000 km on a TR1,but i sold it more than 7years ago.And i have found a nother one,so in 2 weeks I will be driving again (i hope) The TR1 is a nice bike I love this bike SALUT from france CHR DANHOJ alias THE BARON
christian danhoj <>
City: dijon, Country: france, Phone: 0033380672369
Date added: 19 February 2004 at 20:31:55

me and my mate both got TR1s we love erm, great site we may come to your rally, have need to meet more people an see more place and thats what the TR1s are for fun ,terry
terry huggett <>
City: erith/kent, Country: england,
Date added: 09 February 2004 at 10:34:33

Mir ist diese alte Dame vor zwei Jahren in die Hände gefallen. Mit Ihren schlanken Hüften, dem Bösen Blick und das blubbern in der Stimme, war ich Ihr sofort verfallen. Bei Ihrem Anblick kann man schon mal die Welt um sich vergessen... naja Frauen sind auch toll. Diese Seite ist klasse, einen Gruß von mir!
Reinhard Utzel <>
City: Marburg (Hessen), Country: Deutschland, Phone: 06421-686721
Bike-Infos: TR1 5A8121285 BOT Umbau (Battle Of Twins)
Date added: 08 February 2004 at 08:53:57

I have an original TR1 silver metallic
Peter Kjellberg <>
City: Helsingborg, Country: Sweden, Phone: +46 42 260683
Bike-Infos: Yamaha TR1-81
Date added: 07 February 2004 at 19:31:58

your homepage is verry nice i like it verry well aand nice music and good infos about tr1 and so good luck

Bike-Infos: verry nice tr1 in red its a fatastic bike i love it
Date added: 05 February 2004 at 19:40:03

Neuer Kabelbaum-Lima-Federbein-Stahlflex-Gabelfedern. Anlasser Überholt seit 10.01 abgemeldet Hängt sauber in meiner Garage. Tank-Heckteil-Auspuff abgebaut.Seitendeckel von Lima abgebaut.Alle orginalteile Vorhanden.Muss sie leider wegen Kaputten Knochen Verkaufen.
Uli Brückmann <>
City: 50374 Erftstadt Driesch str.24, Country: Germny, Phone: 02235/84562
Bike-Infos: TR1 Bj09.81
Date added: 01 February 2004 at 14:14:21

hab noch ne TR1 im Keller stehen, habe sie vor ein paar Jahren nach 100000km mit der ersten Kette mal aufs Altenteil geschoben. Da steht sie nun, verkaufe sie aber mit Sicherheit nie. Tolle Seite - wird mir mit Sicherheit helfen die gute alte TR1 wieder zum Leben zu erwecken.
Andreas Zimmermann <>

Date added: 31 January 2004 at 18:10:24

Hello all!! Great page,lots of info.I now have my third TR1 and this one I will keep.The first one I crashed,I sold the second(so stupid).
Anders <>
City: Ödeshög, Country: Sweden,
Date added: 29 January 2004 at 03:06:01

Boggy, hiya , yes tr ones have this effect on me as well, all my mates with their 4 cylinder rockets just dont understand, take care .. tim
tim lawrenson <>
City: prescot, merseyside., Country: england, Phone: 07764930584
Bike-Infos: 82 tri [red]
Date added: 18 January 2004 at 02:35:57

I love TR1 my old girl has 150.000 km
Ing. Christian Pointl
City: Salzburg, Country: Austria,
Bike-Infos: TR and FJR
Date added: 16 January 2004 at 15:59:18

got the bike last year of a mate had a us custom 250 when i was 17 and only past my test last year not bad at 40 got 2 littel girls so they came first cost £600 for test i have always loved bikes its in my blood had trails + crosses until i past my test i realy like the tr 1 just wined it on and she goes my little girl came out with me last week she got hooked she can not wait till i co on it next time[ biker chick ] nice to find a tr1 web page good look take care visit you soon boggy (~."~.)
chris aldred [boggy] <>
City: sheffield, Country: england, Phone: 01143530431
Bike-Infos: us spec tr 1 black original 31000 miles ex .con 1985
Date added: 15 January 2004 at 23:28:50

Jacek Jamroz <>
Country: Poland, Phone: +48603644073
Bike-Infos: Yamaha TR1
Date added: 04 January 2004 at 00:49:20

The new 2004 Guestbook is open now for comments ...
Manfred Drechsel <>
City: Ampfing, Bavaria, Country: Germany, Phone: +49-8636-66117
Bike-Infos: TR1, Model '81, 70.000km, almost original
Date added: 01 January 2004 at 13:19:23