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Date News (all links are removed since they most likely are outdated)
21.12.2003 I wish all of you, and your families, a quiet and peaceful Merry Christmas!
04.10.2003 Pictures and a short report of the Rally 2003 is here now.
02.10.2003 Added the complete XV1000/TR1 Owners-Manual (246 pages) to the Info section Added some visitor-statistics to the Rally-info page.
14.08.2003 Updated the Drivers list with the new data from the Rally 2003.
24.07.2003 Updated the Drivers list and the Gallery.
22.07.2003 Added usage-rules for the Discussion- and Trading Boards. See [ Usage ] link.
20.06.2003 Re-arranged the Info and the Misc section. Added some hyperlinks to the Sitemap.
19.06.2003 Added a extensive general information-page about our rally's in Roßbach to the Rally section (click "Info"). Added a new racing TR1 to the Racing section.
18.06.2003 Added some TR1 drivers to the Drivers list and some new pictures to the Gallery.
01.05.2003 Added previous/next page/chapter navigation to the recently added Service-Manuals. Check the Info section.
11.04.2003 Added German version of the XV750SE/XV1000 Service-Manual index-page. Check the Info section.
05.04.2003 Added a clearance paper from Yamaha Germany for "usage of alternative tires" to the Info section. Added a link from Rüdiger Knoblach with many pictures from the Grab the Flag events to the Racing section. Added new pictures to the Gallery. Added new articles (Past Perfect and MO) to the Press section.
19.03.2003 Added the complete XV750SE (421 pages) and XV1000/TR1 (123 pages) Service-Manual to the Info section :-)) Many, many thanks to Harald Kutz for scanning all the pages.
08.03.2003 Added some new bikes to the Gallery.
02.03.2003 Added a listing of inspections tasks and important technical values to the Info section.
01.01.2003 Added new 2003 Discussion- and Trading Boards. Set the 2002-Boards to reply-only.
09.12.2002 YATT (Yet another TR1 test :-) found in "Auto Motor und Sport" issue 19/1981. Check the Press section.
22.11.2002 TR1 Press news: "MO" issue 12/1985 and "Motorradfahrer" issue 03/1989. Many thanks to Wolf, the webmaster of for the scans.
12.11.2002 Added a two-page ad for the TR1 from the German magazine "Motorrad" (issue 03/1981) to the Press section.
10.11.2002 Added some great information about the TR1 engine. Check the "books" part of the Press section. Be aware that this is only available in German!
09.11.2002 Again new pictures at the Gallery.
03.11.2002 Added some new pictures to the Gallery.
06.09.2002 Added the possibility to preview small images of all TR1 drivers at the Drivers list. Use the checkbox below the list-refresh button. Added controls for the background music to the top-frame of the start page.
04.09.2002 Added links to a (french only) Yamaha Bulldog website and a Bulldog Discussion-Board. Check the Sites section.
22.08.2002 Added pictures of two BOT (Battle Of Twin) TR1 racers to the Racing section and a very nice one to the Gallery.
16.08.2002 All the pictures and some stories of the Rally 2002 in Most can be found in the Rally section. I'll complete the Drivers list with all the pictures (60!) I took soon! Added some pictures of my own TR1 to the MySelf page, taken with my new Pentax Optio RS330 Digital Camera!
29.07.2002 Added a new bike to the Gallery.
26.07.2002 Added a new page containing miscellaneous and fun stuff. Currently you'll find a funny Mini-golf game and the link to the below announced motorbike-sound video. Check the Misc section!
02.07.2002 Interesting data from the German Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt: As of 1. July 1999, they had 1.642 TR1's (5A8) registered there. 1. January 2001 they had 1.592, and 1. January 2002 1.555. Actually, I expected much less!
09.06.2002 Added a XV920 article from "Cycle" to the Press section. Updated the Drivers list.
22.04.2002 Added more street maps showing Most and the Motodrom to the page describing the Rally 2002 in Most/CZ.
18.04.2002 Here we are: Added many new information to the Rally section about the rally in Most/CZ! Added a poem about TR1 to the Stories section.
13.04.2002 Added a form to the Drivers list where you can submit your personal data and pictures by yourself. The data is not automatically feed into the list. I still have to do that manually. So it will take a while until entries are online.
11.04.2002 I have created a new Drivers list which can be sorted by some different criteria's. Please have a look! You might have to manually reload the upper navigation frame (Top Drivers Gallery Sites...)!
02.04.2002 Most things regarding the rally in Most are clear now. We need to have one more talk to the people from Grab the Flag, then I'll post more information. This should happen in the next two weeks. ... but the sticker is ready. Check the Rally section
for a preview.
01.04.2002 A funny video of a guy simulating motorbike-sounds: Click here for the video and here for just the sound. BTW, the video is DivX 5.0 compressed. You might need to download the plug-in from here to view the video.
06.03.2002 Today I'll sit together with Sepp Koch (having some beer and some Ramazzotti) to discuss all issues concerning the upcoming rally in Most. Stay tuned for more and detailed information, which I'll post soon!
04.02.2002 Several updates to the Press section, the Drivers list and the Gallery.
03.02.2002 Back online!!!
01.02.2002 Well, it takes longer than expected. The problem is with the German DENIC (runs the primary nameserver for all .de domains). They are just not able to change the nameserver for to the new value. I'm rather angry already.
30.01.2002 When you read this, the recently announced server-move has finally finished. Sorry for all the site-downs. But from now on the site will be hopefully more stable.
01.01.2002 A very happy, successful and - most important - peaceful year 2002 to every visitor of this site.