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Date News (all links are removed since they most likely are outdated)
12.11.2005 Updated the Discussion-Boards to YaBB 2.1.
23.10.2005 !! The new Discussion-Board is online !! Have fun !!
17.09.2005 Added three pictures of the Yamaha Summer Festival 2005 in Linthe (near Berlin/Germany) to the Misc page.
30.08.2005 Due to massive spam-messages recently posted to my Guestbook, I was forced to install a small barrier. From now on it is required to: 1) have Javascript enabled in your browser, and 2) type in a given number in a field when you add an entry Please report problems by email!
26.08.2005 News at the Press section: A German article about V-engines and a French TR1 essay from a 1981.
25.08.2005 Added the promised report about the rally 2005. Check the Rally section.
21.08.2005 Added the pictures of the rally in Walschbronn. A short report will follow soon.
06.08.2005 Added a new bike to the paper craft section of the Misc page.
20.07.2005 Another picture from Claus-Peter Menzel of a racing-TR1 from Barr, Alsace. Check the Racing section. Updated the Drivers List with quite a few recent entries. Added a nice one to the Gallery.
16.06.2005 Changed the "Site-Search" from local file search to a fast index based search. The index is rebuilt once every day.
31.05.2005 Due to massive spam-messages in my Travel-Board, new entries requires enabled Javascript from now on!
03.04.2005 Could get the original issue of the German magazine "Motorrad" from October 1980 with the 1. TR1 article. Check the Press section to read it!
19.03.2005 Added a TR1 article from the French magazine "MOTO Légende" to the Press section.
06.03.2005 Added a history report of Yamaha's "American" model tradition to the Misc page.
11.02.2005 Added the number of known German TR1 as of 01. January 2005 to the Misc page.
01.01.2005 Created new 2005 Discussion Boards. Background music is now "off" by default. You can still start it by pressing the "Play"-button in the upper-right corner of the top-frame.

A healthy and successful year 2005 to all of my visitors, their families and friends.
20.11.2004 Added a new paper craft model to the Misc page.
29.10.2004 Updates to the Gallery and the Rally 2004 page with 2 videos and many pictures from Uli Remke.
23.10.2004 The decision for the place of the Rally 2005 has been made. Check the Rally section (year 2005).
11.09.2004 Added a fairly old picture of a race XV920 to the Racing section.
16.08.2004 Finally added some more information of the rally 2004.
08.08.2004 Added pictures of the rally 2004 to the Rally section.
04.08.2004 Update to the Gallery.
02.08.2004 Added some great illustrated XV1000 repair pages from Linda "White Raven" to the Info and the Sites page.
19.05.2004 Added a TR1 dealer presentation to the Press section. Added a page with Yamaha XV model codes to the Info page.
15.05.2004 Update to the Press section (mo 11/1981 and Hobby 09/1981). Many thanks to Stefan Werner for sending me the magazines.
11.05.2005 Increased the number of randomly played background-songs. Check the Misc page for a list of the songs.
27.04.2004 Splitted the Gallery into two pages since the download time for one page got too long. Added shortcuts to magazines in the Press section.
25.04.2004 Added the story of the "Wild Card" and a "Wasp Enduro TR1" to the Stories section. Updated the Gallery.
24.04.2004 Completed Sepp Koch's private gallery with his self written story "How it all began". Check the link at the top of the TR1 Gallery.
23.04.2004 Added an article from Cycle Guide issue 2/1982 to the Press section.
22.04.2004 Added information about a great German oldtimer museum with a cut-away view of a TR1 to the Misc page.
20.04.2004 Updated the Gallery with new pictures.
18.04.2004 Made a own gallery page just for Sepp Koch's bikes. Check the link at the top of the TR1 Gallery.
16.03.2004 Important information for all visitors of the rally 2004 in the Rally section (year 2004).
02.03.2004 Added the number of known German TR1 as of 01. January 2004 to the Misc page.
01.01.2004 As every year, I created new Discussion Boards for 2004. I also started a new Guestbook. Also I removed tons of "viagra" and other shit messages from all boards. If someone still finds similar messages, please send me a short mail!
31.12.2003 I wish all of you, and your families, a very happy, successful and peaceful year 2004.