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Complete XV1000(TR1) parts catalog / microfiche scans


Here you find scans from the original TR1 microfiches. I'm sorry for the poor quality.
While viewing a picture, you can use the arrow keys to move forward or backward and the ESC key to cancel.

Here is a link to the official Yamaha Part's Catalog. There you'll find also the part's listings and the microfiches in much better quality. Bur just for all the XV920* models. You might need to click on the "Proceed to Parts Catalog" button!

You can also download a PDF file of the TR1 parts catalog for the XV1000'81 (5A8/Europe) in EnglishAdded May 2021

Other models: XV1000'82 (19T/Europe) in English, XV1000'81 (5A8/France) in French, XV750'96 (4PW3/Europe, 4GK4/Switzerland & Austria) in English, XV1100'91 (3LP2/Europe, 3EG4/Oceania) in English, XV920MK'83 (27Y) in EnglishAdded July 2023


Content Page id's
Engine / Chassis I B2 - C14 / C15 - E2
Chassis II E3 - F5
International / Index G3 - M2


Engine parts drawings Parts listings
Cylinder Head B2 | B3
Cylinder B4
Crankshaft - Piston B5 | B6-1 | B6-2
Crankshaft - Chain B7
Valve B8
Oil Pump B9
Oil Cleaner B10
Intake B11 | B12
Carburetor B13 | B14
Exhaust B15 | C2
Crankcase C3
Crankcase Cover C4 | C5
A.C. Generator C6
Starting Motor C7
Starter Clutch C8
Clutch C9 | C10
Transmission C11 | C12
Shift Cam Fork C13
Shift Shaft Pedal C14


Chassis drawings Parts listings
Frame C15 | D2
Front/Rear Fender D3
Side Cover Tool D4 | D5
Rear Arm D6 | D7
Rear Suspension D8
Front Fork D9 | D10
Steering D11 | D12
Fuel Tank D13 | D14
Seat D15 | E2
Front Wheel E3
Front Brake Caliper E4
Rear Wheel E5 | E6
Handlebar Cable E7
Front Master Cylinder E8
Stand Footrest E9 | E10
Flasher Light E11
Speedo-/Tachometer E12 | E13
Headlight E14
Taillight E15
Electrical 1 F2 | F3
Electrical 2 F4
Handle Switch Lever F5


Austria,Belgium,Holland,Italy Parts listings
Chassis G3
Taillight G4
Electrical G5


Denmark,Finland,Norway,Sweden,Switzerland Parts listings
Chassis G7
Taillight G8
Electrical G9