XV1000 service manuals from Linda's site "Raven's Roads" | 🛑 | 


Here you find great Yamaha Virago 1000 / XV1000 repair instructions from Linda & Don

Linda († March 2015) and Don her widower made a superb collection of XV1000 repair manuals. She originally wrote on her site:

Here you’ll find detailed write-ups of various “motorcycle maintenance” events, including the removal and complete dissection of Arnie, my Yamaha Virago 1000 (XV1000)’s engine. The text is written by my husband Don; the hands and most of the labor are provided by me.

# Title Subtitle Date created
1 Engine Extraction Removing the engine from an XV1000 Virago July 27th, 2003
2 Top End Disassembly Disassembling the top end of the engine July 27th, 2003
3 Splitting the Cases Splitting the cases in half July 27th, 2003
4 Transmission Removal Removing the transmission July 27th, 2003
5 Transmission Reassembly Putting the gears back in again August 31st, 2003
6 Case Half Reassembly Putting the crankcase halves back together October, 26th, 2003
7 Right Side Reassembly The right side of the motorcycle November 2nd, 2003
8 Left Side Reassembly The left side of the motorcycle November 16th, 2003
9 Starter Starter reassembly November 30st, 2003
10 Cylinder Assembly Putting the cylinders back on January 4th, 2004
11 Rear Gear Timing Timing the rear gear March 14th, 2004
12 Rear Head Installation Adding back the rear head July 10th, 2004
13 Front Head Installation Adding back the front head October 17th, 2004
14 Front Gear Timing Timing the front gear October 17th, 2004
15 Front Cam Timing Timing the front camshaft May 27th, 2005
16 Right Hand Side Cover Installation Putting the right-side cover back on, oil filters, etc. September 16th, 2005
17 Left Hand Side Cover Installation Putting the left side cover back on June 13th, 2006
18 Thread Repair What to do when you strip a screw June 13th, 2006
19 Valve Timing Technical details of valve train timing July 18th, 2008