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Year 2000 / Spielberg, Austria / A1-Ring (Red Bull Ring)



20th to 23rd of July 2000 Sepp attended a racing event at the A1 ring in Austria.

It was the first time at the 'Ducati Speedweek of Austria'. There have been many drivers and difficult training conditions. Sepp reached the fourth-best time during the training at saturday. This means still in the first starting row!

He had no perfect start, just place 8 after the second curve. Then he managed to get up to the 4th place. And after 12 rounds of tough fighting he passed the finish-line as number 6, one second behind the 5th driver (number 37 in the picture below).

Unfortunately, the 1200cc engine was damaged since the race in Most this year. Check the according page for more details ;-)


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