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Here you can find a short report and many pictures from the rally in Most.

We planned to start to Most on Thursday morning. The weather-forecast for Most and the whole route was extremely bad. Rain all the weekend. And when we arrived, the forecast seemed to be true. The scene in Most was gray in gray .

Our friend Major Tom arrived soon after us with his XS650 bikes. Later the day we drove to the Svejk restaurant to discuss the latest details for the Saturday evening dinner.

On Friday the wonder began: From morning on, the sun was shining almost all time of the weekend. Only Sunday afternoon we had a few raindrops.

Many people told us the they are the first time live at a racing-event on a racing course. One of the (TR1) highlights was the BOT (Battle Of Twins) bike of Gerd Benning and Rolf Eulgem . Of course all the other Grab-the-Flag drivers also had great bikes.

Friday night we cooked sausages , potatos and Sauerkraut and had lots of beer and wine afterwards.

The next day, Grieche found those two blonds . From that time on, he always headed after them - but without any success :-)

Saturday afternoon the first races took place, and all the TR1 drivers had to vote for the best driver. And the winner was ... Guido the Wild. He was quite happy to get the prize, as you can see here . This is a nice "winners" picture of Gerd, Sepp, Rolf and Guido. Rolf also won the "Classic Open" class on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday night we had a super-superb dinner at the Svejk restaurant. If after this someone still felt hungry, this guy must be sick! I'm not sure about him :-)

Also a nice thing was the course-trial of the TR1-drivers. Over 40 drivers had the chance to test the Most Autodrom with their own bikes.

After the dinner a Swing band from Vienna played in one of the boxes. This was real fun. I'm sure all of the visitors did enjoy it very much.

The almost only bad things have been the two accidentsaccidents of Franz and Sepp . But nothing seriously happened. Franz was not injured at all and Sepp now (2 weeks after the rally) has no real problems anymore.

And many thanks to our friends from Grab-the-Flag, who made all this possible by accepting Sepp's idea.

When we came home after the rally, we had a after rally barbeque .

This sentences just describe a few moments of the fantastic weekend.

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