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TR1 racing


Year 2000 / Budapest, Hungary / Hungaroring



12th to 14th of May, Sepp was at the Hungaro Ring near Budapest. There have been perfect conditions during the whole weekend. Sunny, dry and no wind at all.

At the first race, Sepp had a clear start-finish win in front of the 'wild' Guido Hufschmied on his Norton Weslake 900 (see picture below - number 6) and Franz Fuchs with his TR1. Sepp's time was 2:03.

At the second race, Sepp had problems with his TR1. Guido took the chance and won clearly in front of Franz. 3rd winner was Wolfgang Schellenberger on BMW.

Sepp had to give up with his Featherbed TR1 after 6 laps with an empty gas tank :-(

Below, the first picture shows the 'wild' Guido, the second the start of the first race and the third Sepp's 1200cc 'naked':


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