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TR1 racing


Year 1999 / Most, Czechian Republic / Autodrom



On 9.-11. July 1999, the second race of this year took place in Most, Czechian Republic.

In case your are interested, here is the invitation from Southern Division, a company which organized the Grab the Flag! races.

Franz Fuchs won the first race and Sepp had place two. At the second race, Sepp was unbeatable in front and had half a round before the end of the race a electrical problem and had to give up. To bad :-(( But - Franz with his TR1 at least won this race.

Some pictures:

The start: Sepp & Franz on their TR1's And the winner is... Franz - Congratulations!

Robert cleaning his TR1 (reasonable after 6 hours raindrive in Czechian)

Here's the drivers camp And our 6 TR1's in a row


Here some more pictures from the place and Sepp driving two of his racing bikes (Featherbed and 1200cc):

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Three more pictures taken from Michael Weber, Rechbergstr. 39/1, 73525 Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany.
Michael is a journalist for the German bikers magazine 'MO'. He wrote the article in MO 3/2000 about Sepp's Yamton TR1.
Check the Press page for the whole article and more.

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