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TR1 racing


Year 2000 / Rijeka, Croatia / Automotodrom Grobnik



While I have been together with Sepp in Most and at the Hungaro Ring in Budapest, I haven't managed to get to Rijeka. Maybe the next year ...

This year, the weather was just great there. Around 25 degree Celsius. Also the other conditions have been almost perfect: Some wind and a very good course.

Sepp's TR1's have been running perfect, without any technical problems. He drove two start-finish wins by being far ahead the other drivers. Sepp's fastest lap was 1:48.26 in the first race.

Also the time between and after the races was very funny. Near the course is a very good fish restaurant, which is to recommend also for other travellers.

Below, the first picture shows a scene from the race, the second the start and the third and fourth the life in the drivers camp:


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