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The rally startet not that good. At least for me. My TR1 suddenly stopped on the way to Schleiz. Fortunately, right next to a highway exit and a car workshop. After checking the connector from the generator to the charging rectifier and measuring the resistance of the generator at a nearby Yamaha dealer, it was clear that the generator was broken. My first serious damage within the last 27 years. Acceptable, isn't it? ;-)

But the weekend compensated this annoying problem. Unbelievable, but our TR1 is now 30 years old. Reason enough to have the rally 2011 at a special place. The "Schleiz Triangle". We haven't been with a rally at a race course since 2002 in Most. And as before, it again was a special atmosphere. The "Schleiz Triangle" is the eldest nature race track in Germany. You will find more information about Schleiz here and here in German.

We had a special award ceremony just for TR1 riders in the first "Classic Battle of Twins" race with very nice trophys made by Sepp . Read a short description here.

And we saw many trainings and races. Read the schedule of the event here. And of course, Sepp and Sepperl won most of the races ;-)

A very nice beergarden offered cold beer and delicious barbecue.

Unfortunately one of our friends had a real serious accident and has been transported by helicopter to the Jena University Hospital. But according to the latest news (July 18th) and of course according to the circumstances he feels quite well again.

A funny thing was to equip the grid-girls with our "30 years TR1" t-shirts . They wore it before the start of the "Classic Battle of Twins" race .

Check as well this nice YouTube video from the rally made by Tick Tack .

I hope everybody liked the rally.


Some videos I created with my Panasonic TZ10 digicam. Don't forget to turn on the sound...

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This are the pictures I shot during the weekend:

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Søren Andersen also sent me some pictures:

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Pictures from Thomas Schaffer :

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Pictures from Gerd Benning :

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Vehicle pictures and some strange looking people ;-) from Uli Remke :

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