Report from the rally 2018 | 🛑 | 


Rally 2018 information


Many thanks to Wolfgang Rau who designed and sponsored again the 2018 sticker.


Robert "Grieche" Mayer sent me a nice and long story about the weekend in Thalgau/Austria. Here you find his original writing in German. For an automatic translation to English (and other languages) use this link.

And, many visitors asked him why he is called "Der Grieche" ("The Greek"). Therefore he shares the story of his name with us. Click here. And here for a translation of the text.


Some videos... Don't forget to turn on the sound...

All videos are compressed. In fullscreen mode, they might not have sufficient quality!


Below are the pictures Sieglinde and Robert sent me:

50 images


More pictures from Kevin:

25 images


Even more pictures from Ulli Klapp:

15 images


Werner Rösner sent me pictures of Sepp Koch's "healing hands" while fixing Wolfgang Rau's generator:

2 images