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The 2019 Rally is now over. Thank you to all who came. We had 32 TR1 riders attend. Everyone who said they would come did, except for one injury and a broken bike.

Willi and Doris were the first to arrive and Georg & Annamiek the last to leave. Friday’s weather was awful. It started to rain at 12pm and continued until 1am the next morning. It is the sort of rain we get once a year. But, everyone managed to squeeze into the bar and the bar team kept the beer coming all day. The riders even seemed to like the English beer. We started to run out of beer but the crew went out and bought some more. We had a very good BBQ in the evening and everyone chatted away to excellent music in the background. It was great to meet up with old friends again.

Saturday – the ride out. Brian had arranged the route for us. We were planning to ride out through Salisbury Cathedral Close then go to Sammy Millers motorcycle museum and return through the New Forest. Kevin managed to start his old bike and lead the TR1’s out on his old Vincent. The people of Pitton turned out to wave us off as we left the village. We rode into Salisbury and through the Cathedral Close. We had to obtain special permission to ride through the Close so it was a privilege. We moved out in two groups but we kept on losing riders. (I know it is a tradition to lose riders!) Anyway we all managed to get to Sammy Millers. We rode straight into the central courtyard. Sammy himself was there and he showed us around his workshop. That was unexpected and a privilege. He was preparing two bikes an NSU and a Mondial which was what he due to ride at the Isle of Man. We then spent two hours either eating or looking around his world standard museum. We rode back through the New Forest which is not only very beautiful it also has a lot of animals roaming around on the roads. Not something you see in Germany, I was told. Roel ’s TR1 was brought back on a trailer & Ali’s bike limped back to the Rally HQ on one cylinder.

Saturdays night’s meal was a Buffet at the Silver Plough, our local pub. The meal was excellent followed by a short speech from Kevin and a prize giving. There was two trophy’s to be presented. The first was the Sore Bum trophy. Despite many rude comments the prize was for the longest journey to the Rally. There was a draw, it was awarded to father and son team of Dieter and Willy . Well done. The best Bike trophy was awarded to Uli Sclumber for his chrome painted, wire wheeled, TR1. Willi Haering was awarded some local beer for attending every one of the 32 TR1 rallys to date. Well done Willi. Herbert Kreutzmann was awarded a small gift for running the Best Hotel in Walschbronn. I have stayed there many times and I know other have to. There followed an evening listening to a great band and enjoying many more beers.

Sunday was the wind down day and after a large English Breakfast the riders started to depart for home.

Tuesday evening Willi’s bike caught fire. It took lots of wire, brake fluid, plastic tubing and a brake hose off Kevin’s bike and seven TR1 riders to fix it. I hope Willi got to the Isle of Man.

It was great to see you in my home village. Many Riders expressed how much they had enjoyed it and how much they had enjoyed the village. The villagers of Pitton asked me to say how much they enjoyed your visit and what a nice bunch of riders you were.

This Rally could not have happened without the support of many in our village, so thank you to all our hard workers in the bar in the kitchen and on the ride out.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at next year’s Rally.



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