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Rally 2016 information



The following quote and the linked "thank you text" is from the organizing crew:

The story of the Lengerich rally completed. Thank you all for joining a small but nice rally 2016!

In this document we noted some details for you, enjoy! By the way: We still got some of the legendary limited-edition-rally-cups left. Snap the chance! Further info in the PDF document.

Have a good time, take care & c u soon!

The famous Lengerich-Orga's


Some videos... Don't forget to turn on the sound...

All videos are compressed. In fullscreen mode, they might not have sufficient quality!


(All the bikes - scroll horizontally)


Uli sent me nice pictures made from Jens Rüngeling with his quadcopter:

10 images


Also from Uli some pictures from the preparation of the camp ground and the stage:

9 images


Great pictures from Kevin Emery :

61 images


Again from Uli pictures from the rally:

49 images


Moni made a picture from every rider:

29 images