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This' year rally was one of the hottest we ever had in Roßbach. But beside the temperature it was great fun and lot's of talks as every year.

As usual we started with the big Friday-evening barbeque. Peter and Mumps gave their best to feed all the people...

Piet was in charge again of one of the important tasks. He welcomed all our visitors!

Obviously the heat caused some "trouble" while building the big tent.

Late Friday, even a real viking showed up. His mission was to hinder us from drinking beer. Want to see the response ?

Saturday morning we started our trip to a great beer-garden, called "Bräu im Moos". We had a relaxing lunch there. After that we drove to a near-by dirt-track racing-site, where the training for the next-day race took place. We had ice-coffee and some cake there.

When we came back, Reinhard already had lot's of broilers and roast on the grill. Hmmm...

This great day was closed with live music from Markus & Thomas and Heinze .

Below you find some pictures of this great weekend:

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