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A while ago, we talked to Jörg Gierth, the webmaster of The plan was to have the "25 Year TR1" rally together with the Bulldog drivers.

So the motto for the rally 2006 was:

Grandpa meets grandchild   or   TR1 meets BT1100

Unfortunately only 5 Bulldog drivers did have interest to come to our rally :-(( That reflected real life: "Many Grandpas meet few grandchild's" :-))

The weather forecast was really bad for the weekend. We already expected a wet and swampy rally. But it was close to acceptable. The only major drawback was that we had to cancel the trip to the falconry in Austria and to the Riedenburger Schlossgarten, one of the most beautiful beer gardens in Bavaria. See the following pictures what we have missed:

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The remaining rally was as usual. Lot's of work upfront but many fun during the few days. Food on Saturday evening was again made and served by the famous Walter and Bernhard from Freilassing.

For the time being, the rally 2006 was the last one in Roßbach! Sepp and myself independently took that decision already a while ago. During a trip to the above mentioned falconry, we told each other about it. We organized for and worked during the rally now for 12 years. We thought, that's enough for now. The rally 2007 is assured. Please read this page for more information. Well, we do not write a long epilogue here. Just one sentence: IT WAS A GREAT TIME!

Click here to read the invitation from 2006.

Below are many pictures from the rally 2006:

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Somebody sent me some more pictures from the rally 2006 ...

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