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Well, where should I start? Actually very simple! I need to say "Thanks a million" to the most lovely, nicest and helpful couple I know: Heike and Herbert , who live in Walschbronn and who helped us since month and weeks and during the weekend to make this super-great rally 2005 happen. I'm proud to know them!

This is the coat of arms of Walschbronn:

Now to the rally. The weather forecast didn't sound very positive for the weekend. I think we had real sun only during our trip to Walschbronn and later when we arrived there on Thursday 11th late afternoon. That day we first visited the local restaurant , called "Auberge du chateau" and owned by Seba (his real name is Sebastian Fabing). There's a funny story about Seba: Once he was out with Herbert for cross-country motor biking, Herbert was far ahead and waiting for Seba. Since he did not show up, Herbert drove back and found him sitting in the grass and the mouth full with soil of the place where he had a slight clash with the ground. Shortly after this Herbert made Seba a very nice present ... :-))) (Meaning in English: "I know the taste of soil!").

At the first evening in Walschbronn, we had a fantastic dinner , and the present from Markus and Sepp for Heike was tested immediately :-) And of course we had to test the campfire !

Friday morning - the weather was still good - we assembled the stuff we brought with us. You can imagine that we quite often needed a break with a fresh beer.

Then, while Piet got himself prepared for his job as a "Chef de la reception", it started raining and the first visitors arrived. I guess all of you got wet during the trip to Walschbronn, right? Some had their own way for water protection ...

Friday evening we had our usual barbeque, where Peter and Mike gave their best to serve us with tons of chop and sausage , while Heike and Ingrid cared for best French baguette. And Herbert was at the oven baking us incredible good "Flammkuchen" (Lorraine specialty made from sour-cream, bacon, onions on a flat cake).

(The restaurant during the trip - scroll horizontally)

The next day, after the breakfast, we started in two groups our approximately 240 km trip trough the near area. The two groups met for lunch at a nice restaurant , called "Le Hohenstein". When we came back, Herbert again made "Flammkuchen", but this time made from sweet-cream, sliced apples and Calvados. Hmmmmmm!

During the afternoon, we had many technical discussions and talk´s . And then, the culinary highlight of the weekend. Seba's French buffet with a cold starter an warm 2. course . I really hope that everybody enjoyed the meal!

If you wonder who this guy is: It's the so called "Uncle" . According the stories, he is the most important resident of Walschbronn. Even more important than the mayor! After the dinner, we again had a long night at the campfire .

Sunday morning, after breakfast , our guests had to drive home in rain again. The kids didn't care. The had lots of fun during their multilingual games .

While the rain had a short break, we could collect our stuff and after the work was done, we had a last visit at Seba´s restaurant . Too sad that the weekend was over now. On Monday, we had heavy rain on the way back home.

Last but not least, also a very big "Thanks" to Sabine, Erika and Ilse (from left to right). They worked a lot in the kitchen, did a lot of cleaning and numerous other things! Sabine is the wife of Markus , Erika is the wife of Sepp and Ilse is the wife of Mike .

Thanks again to all who helped, and all you visitors! You guys made this weekend again a great one!

(The campground - scroll horizontally)

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